Your next Samsung phone with Android 13 will probably run games faster

Your next Samsung phone with Android 13 will probably run games faster

Your next Samsung phone with Android 13 will probably run games faster

Many of the advertising features of Exynos 2200 chip Samsung around the power of this processor in running The games rotate. Exynos 2200 uses Xclipse 920 graphics processor; A graphics chip that can provide an enjoyable gaming experience. Of course, if the central processor is not very powerful, the Xclipse 920 will not perform very well, and this is exactly one of the things that Google is trying to fix in Android 13.

According to sammobile, Former XDA editor Mishal Rahman has stumbled across some interesting tidbits in the code of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). He said about this:

The loading time of games will be improved with the ability to boost the central processor through ADPF. If the game is running, it will use a set of APIs to communicate its state to the CPU, which will then run the feature on the boosted frequency.

The boosted CPU feature is expected with Android 13. To be presented; But this feature will probably be limited to Google’s Pixel series phones at first. Details about when this feature will be available for other smartphones are currently unknown; Because smartphone manufacturers will probably need to fine-tune their system-on-chip (SoC) to provide the mentioned feature. Due to the similarity of the architecture used in the Exynos chips and the Google Tensor chips, the phones of the Korean tech giant probably won’t have a particular problem to offer the enhanced processor capability.

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Maybe details More about the enhanced processor capability will be provided in the Android 13 developer previews. This version will probably be available in late February as always; Therefore, there is not much time left until its release. However, we have to wait for the One UI 5.0 test version to see if this feature will make its way to Samsung smartphones.

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