Xiaomi’s new patent: time-lapse video recording of the trail of stars in the night sky

Xiaomi’s new patent: time-lapse video recording of the trail of stars in the night sky

Xiaomi’s new patent: time-lapse video recording of the trail of stars in the night sky

In the not-so-distant years, smartphones had only one camera and it was not possible to record high-quality images through it, but phone companies have focused on the camera in the last few years, and today we have devices that capture eye-catching images.

Most of today’s flagship phones have capable cameras and despite not so many differences, they record images with good color accuracy and high detail. In this regard, attention to software capabilities has become more important. Apple offers shooting styles in the iPhone 13, Google has gone to the astrophotography mode in the Pixel series, and Vivo on the phones The new X series enables the creation of high-quality portraits through the ZEISS Style Portraits mode.

As Gizmochina writes, Xiaomi is also trying to increase the variety of software capabilities of its phones’ cameras. It is said that this company has recently registered a technology patent for “time-lapse imaging of star trails in the night sky” in China.

The software algorithm used for the new imaging mode is mentioned in the description section of the Xiaomi patent. When the user selects the Star Trails mode in the phone software, the camera automatically focuses on the night sky and determines the most suitable settings (such as ISO, white balance, etc.).

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During the time-lapse recording, the phone must remain motionless, because in This mode of the phone records an image of the movement of the stars in the sky at successive time intervals. Xiaomi’s algorithm saves images in order to interpret their data and color. Using the interpreted data, the algorithm combines all the images and processes them in a short video format.

The user can also use the Xiaomi software algorithm to create other types of videos. Timelapse use star trails or even photo output. Since Xiaomi’s patent has just been confirmed and made public, we expect to see Star Trails mode in one of Xiaomi’s flagship phones soon, and this flagship may be Xiaomi 12 ultra.

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