Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

News unit EMGblog.com : Redmi Note phones Xiaomi during the past few years has often been one of the most feature-packed low-cost smartphones on the market, and far away examples such as Redmi Note 8 Pro to still popular models like Redmi Note 10, have always been among the choices of most users in this category . Redmi Note 11 One of the newest products of this 11 series It is a family that, compared to Redmi Note 10 years ago, except for the camera and processor (the latter has fueled other changes), there is no other big difference and it still looks like an acceptable 4G phone on paper. This time, we will review the opinion of reliable technology sites about the weaknesses and strengths of Xiaomi Redmi Note 11.

As usual, before checking the opinion of authoritative sites about Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, it is better to get to know the specifications and capabilities of this phone. Redmi Note 11 is distinguished from Note 10 years ago with a boxy design with a flat strip around it and removing the bends on the back at first glance; This design, which is not similar to the form of recent Apple iPhones, shows the thickness of the phone more than its actual value, but It has given it a more modern look.

The dimensions of the phone are 8×73.8×159.8 mm, which are all compared to Note 10 have become smaller by a few tenths of millimeters. The weight of the device is 179 grams, but it has not changed much and is the same as before. From the numbers and figures, the phone screen is the same as the panel in the Note 10, and there is no special difference between the two. This 6.43-inch AMOLED screen has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, and its maximum typical and spot brightness are 700 and 1,000 nits, respectively. A 90 Hz refresh rate, a maximum touch capture speed of 180 Hz, a contrast ratio of 4,500,000:1 and support for the DCI-P3 color gamut are other information mentioned about this screen.

The main camera of the device is 50 megapixel f/ 1.8 with 1080p/30fps video recording, which replaces the previous year’s 48MP f/1.79 camera, which supports not only 4K/30fps but also 1080p/60fps video recording. 13 megapixel selfie camera, 8 megapixel ultrawide camera and two 2 megapixel depth of field and macro units in this phone apparently remain unchanged.

6nm processor Snapdragon 680 devices compared to Snapdragon 678 11 nm present in the Note 10 appears more successful in energy consumption, but its old Kryo 265 cores (two 2.4 GHz A73 cores and 6 1.8 GHz core A53) compared to A76+A55 cores present in Note 10 is completely older and as a result, at least on paper They will not have much to say. The Adreno 610 graphics of this chipset is almost the same and remains from Adreno 612 of the previous model. 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 64 or 128 GB of memory, a 5,000 mAh battery and a 33-watt charger are repeated in Note 11, and in the absence of 5G, there is no big difference in communication options.

With this brief introduction to Redmi Note 11, it’s time to check the opinions of different sites about this phone.


Techradar’s review of the Note 11, which is accompanied by the subtitle “A good budget phone if you don’t need 5G”, concludes like this in the section It says: “Redmi Note 11 Like any phone Another economy is a compromise: [on the one hand] the design, build quality, display and battery life are great, but the quality of the rear camera and the overall performance of the device are where you realize that the phone’s price has been saved.”

The positive and negative points of Redmi Note 11 from the point of view of Single Radar include:

Price Few
Bright AMOLED display
Great battery life
Average camera quality
Slower processing performance
Absence of 5G connection

Tekradar says about the quality of the Note 11 camera: the phone’s camera is okay to some extent, but this camera is one of the weakest These are the cameras that we have recently seen in a smartphone. Of course, this doesn’t exactly mean it’s bad, because in good lighting conditions, you’ll take pictures that are more than good enough for social media most of the time, and even one or two very good ones in between. What pulls this camera down is in the details of the image; Where things like focus and HDR are not as good as mid-range and flagship phones (for which you have to pay a higher price to get them) and in some cases it works poorly in details and color. also did not have a different opinion and said: “Budget phones in this price range are rarely able to take normal photos at night, and Redmi Note 11 has continued this tradition. If there is no light or it is very low, you probably won’t take the photo you are looking for, even with the night mode on. [But] if there is a little bit of light [in the scene] and your subject remains still, you will probably only get something usable.” Despite getting a wider field of view, the photos are a bit blurry on closer inspection and the color change is also evident in them. At the end of this phone’s camera review, TechRadar’s author says: “We don’t want to be too negative about the Redmi Note 11’s cameras, but this phone is not for people who need a reliable camera.”

Tech Adviser

At Tech Review Adviser of Note 11 can be seen immediately after the title of something similar to the previous source: “Redmi Note 11 is a solid budget choice for design, display and battery life, as long as you don’t need 5G.” The review’s conclusion reads: “A quiet, attractive budget phone that gives you a 90Hz AMOLED display and exemplary battery life in a well-put-together design for under £200.” If you don’t need 5G or a great camera, this is a great choice.”

The positive and negative points of Redmi Note 11 from Tech Advisor include:

Great 90Hz AMOLED display
Nice and neat design
Strong battery life
The camera is not great
The MIUI user interface is busy and unattractive
No 5G

Tech Advisor says of the Note 11’s main camera: “The main camera does a reasonable job of taking [high] detail photos in high light.” However, even in almost normal conditions, we noticed some grain of noise in the image, and the HDR effect is not the most effective effect that we have seen so far, even in this low price category. According to the source, the main camera struggled in low light, and night mode produced photos that were a “grainy mess,” “but show me a budget phone that doesn’t.” /p>

Android Authority

Android Authority Review From the Redmi Note 11, it has the title “Benchmarker for low-end phones” and its conclusion section reads: “Redmi Note 11 is more than a collection of parts. This phone may be a low-end model, but it has big aspirations and has the basics covered generously. [This model] offers an attractive display and excellent battery life. “The Note 11 is easily able to keep up with the pack [of its peers] thanks to its good performance.” Authority mentioned the lack of guarantee for updates and mid-range cameras of this phone as its two main negative points, and not changing many things compared to the Note 10, considered Redmi losing the chance to evolve its low-end phone.

The positive and negative points of Redmi 11 from Android Authority’s point of view include:

Sturdy build quality
Great display
Very good battery life
Powerful performance beyond imagination
Cheap price
Mid-range camera
Offer with Android 11
Limited update guarantee

Android Authority in About the phone’s camera suite, the Note 11 takes clean photos throughout the day that deliver sharp focus and pleasing colors, but with almost no contrast. Photos taken in low light conditions are softer, noisier and have less color. The ultrawide camera performs decently well in bright light, but still loses much of its charm as the sun goes down. The macro camera is also not very good due to low resolution and lack of details. The selfies of the front camera are 13 megapixels. Also, video captured with the rear camera is limited to Full HD (1080p) resolution at 30 frames per second.”


Pocket-lint’s review of the Redmi Note 11 comes with the title “not too remarkable” and has assigned a score of 3.5 out of 5; The conclusion of the review reads: “On paper, this budget phone looks like an absolute winner in the budget category. However, in practice there are performance issues that tarnish the experience a little too much.” Pocket-lint described the experience of using this phone as confusing in general, where the specifications of the phone are great for this price category, but in practice, the experience of using the device is not at the same level as the expectation created from it in the mind. Having a good AMOLED display is certainly a plus point, and the same is true for the device’s long battery life, but the story changes when you encounter occasional lags and lags, which in some cases lead to some crashes.

Powerful specs for the category Low price
Long battery life
Good main camera (forget the macro camera and depth of field)
Various crash/shutdown/lag problems
Continuous problems with the MIUI user interface with notification and battery controls

Pocket-lint about the device’s main camera The fact that HDR is not handled speaks for itself, and the visibility of noise grains and excessive sharpening are among the other negative points of this camera. Of course, this source mentioned the performance of the main camera in low-light environments as “completely acceptable” and attributed it to the wide aperture.

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