Xiaomi Poco X3 GT in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

Xiaomi Poco X3 GT in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

Xiaomi Poco X3 GT in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

News unit EMGblog.com : Pocoy brand Xiaomi has been providing phones with high features and competitive prices during its short period of activity. One of the most popular phones of this family in the past few months Poco X3 GT which on paper looks very interesting with a large 120 Hz screen, a modern processor, fast internal memory and a large battery with a fast charger. The Poco X3 GT is currently the most advanced member of the Xiaomi Poco X family and compared to the Poco X3 Pro also offers certain advantages. This phone with a reasonable price is the main target of many mid-range buyers, and therefore, we have reviewed the opinions of reputable technology sites about it.

As usual, before addressing the opinions of reliable technology sites about the strengths and weaknesses of this model It is better to get to know a little about its specifications; Poco X3 GT which was announced at the end of July 2021 Actually, it is not a new phone and it should be the same Redmi Note 10 Pro is special for the Chinese market, which is now presented in the global markets with a new name. This phone is presented in a simple black color and two blue and white colors, the latter two of which benefit from a design with parallel lines on the back. The dimensions of this model are 8.9 x 75.9 x 163.3 mm and with a weight of 193 grams, it seems relatively heavy.

The screen of the device is a 6.6-inch IPS LCD model with a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels, which has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and Its surface is scanned 240 times per second for a new contact point. The main positive point of this screen is the protective cover Gorilla Glass Victus is that, leaving aside one or two specific examples (specifically Nokia XR20 and Motorola Defy 2021) the only phone It is a monitor that uses the advanced Victus coating on the IPS LCD panel, and it is considered the cheapest example in this field. The main camera of the phone is 64 megapixels with f/1.79 and supports 4K/30fps and 1080p video recording at 30 or 60 frames per second, and an 8 megapixel ultrawide camera with f/2.2 without autofocus and a 2 megapixel macro still without autofocus with f / has 2.4 The phone’s selfie camera is 16 megapixels with f/2.5.

Processing in this model with a 6nm processor Dimensity 1100 with 4 2.6 GHz cores Cortex-A78 and 4 2 GHz cores A55 is done and for graphics processing It also relies on Mali-G77 with 9 cores. There is no external memory in this phone, but it has 128 or 256 GB of UFS 3.1 internal memory, and its LPDDR4X fixed RAM is 8 GB.

5,000mAh battery with 67W charger, external fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6, single-frequency satellite routers, stereo speakers and NFC make up the specifications of this phone. Poco X3 GT It’s time to check the opinions of different sites about this phone.


GSMArena review the conclusion reads: “Poco X3 GT is a model with many flagship [phone] features. “The GT’s 120Hz LCD is truly one of the most adaptable we’ve seen [so far], performance is great despite its less-than-ideal cooling, battery life is impressive, and charging is very fast.” In the review of this website, the quality of the speaker and the imaging capabilities of this phone are also well mentioned, but the selfie camera could be better from the point of view of this source. Finally, GSMArena mentioned Poco X3 GT as one of the best phones you can buy for 280 euros or 300 dollars, which has carefully selected advanced features similar to flagships and has a very reasonable price.

Weaknesses and The strengths of the Poco X3 GT from GSMArena’s point of view include:

Beautiful design, Gorilla Glass Victus protective glass, IP53 degree of protection
6.6-inch LCD display with 120 Hz refresh, HDR10 and narrow bezels
Equipment to one of the most adaptive screen refresh rates
Excellent battery life
super fast charging
performance at the level of flagships at a cheap price
commendable balance and sound quality of the speaker
excellent photo quality in daylight and Low-light environments
Impressive 4K videos of the main camera equipped with EIS
5G on both SIM cards, Wi-Fi 6, NFC connection, infrared and MIUI 1 2
Not available everywhere

GSMArena says about the quality of the phone’s main camera: “The default 16-megapixel photos from the main camera are excellent for this class. [In these images] there is a lot of detail, the colors are accurate and [the] processing is a bit aggressive, but it causes very few problems.” This source is satisfied with the naturalness of the colors and rendering with the quality of the leaves of the trees in the images of the Poco X3 GT main camera, and although he considers the sharpening process to be a little excessive, but this amount is not too severe from the point of view of this source.


This source says of the 8-megapixel ultrawide camera’s image quality: “Details are decent considering the camera’s small sensor, contrast is decent, noise is lower than we expected, and dynamic range is good.” “It’s wide even when not using HDR.” Not everything is positive about this camera and GSMArena talks about the colors being warmer and unreal compared to the real world, which of course does not cause any particular problem, but the color difference between this camera and the main camera is quite obvious. The macro camera does not have autofocus, and to take a close-up photo, you have to manually place it within 4 cm of the subject. According to GSMArena, the photos of this camera have good details, accurate colors and high contrast, provided they are in the desired focus range, but due to their small size, they are more suitable for Instagram and similar things.

16 megapixel images of the main camera. At night without activating the night mode, according to GSMArena, they have many details, excellent sharpness and little noise, and the degree of color saturation and contrast is also at a suitable level. Of course, the dynamic range of these images is not great.

Manual Night Mode takes about 3 seconds to take a photo and restores overexposed subjects and provides better color saturation. These positive points, of course, come at the cost of losing some details and sharpness, and in these cases, compared to the automatic image, the automatic night mode is activated without your intervention. It provides better sharpness than the manual night mode, but the rest of it is completely the same as the automatic mode. It is important to mention that the automatic night mode is only available for the main camera and cannot be used in the ultrawide camera. The automatic images of the ultrawide camera at night are “ok” at best, but by activating the manual night mode, as usual, more details are provided and the subjects with excessive light are recovered well. Noise control is also done well in this mode.


In the conclusion section Pocket-lint review from Poco X3 GT, which carries the Turbo Power title, reads: “Given that the price of the GT model is right, it has a lot to show off. : A large display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a powerful MediaTek processor and battery life that doesn’t [simply] give up. However, occasional problems related to screen jumps were the negative point [of this model] during our use.”

Weaknesses and strengths of Poco X3 GT from Pocket-lint’s point of view include these items:

Great power of MediaTek processor
Long battery life
Expected cheap price range
Incidental screen jumping issues
Software quirks – as usual with MIUI
Rough build

The main camera of the device in the Pocket-lint review at the default resolution of 16 megapixels and in daylight produces images with “enough detail and natural colors”, but not great in low light and for An example is the not so fast reaction of the focus system of this camera in this mode. This source complains about the low resolution of the ultrawide camera, but on the other hand, considers its presence in this camera as a positive thing in a situation where some competitors have completely neglected it.

Tech Adviser

in Under the heading Tech Adviser Review it reads: “X3 GT showed once again that Xiaomi is able to provide a It is a mobile phone with features close to flagships at a fraction of the price. In the conclusion of this review, despite all its weaknesses, Poco X3 GT is a valuable phone introduced by Xiaomi, which uses the MIUI 12.5 user interface with some advantages over the original Android. The screen and cameras may reveal the fact that the X3 GT is not a flagship phone, but in practice, considering the price range of the device, there can be no complaints about them, and if you are looking for a better screen or camera, certainly without compromising on performance, 5G connectivity. or some other features, you cannot get another option.

Finally, if you are looking for an inexpensive phone with flagship-level performance and you don’t mind compromising on the camera and display, the Poco X3 GT is a brilliant choice.

The strengths and weaknesses of Poco X3 GT from Tech Adviser’s point of view include:


Super performance
5G on both SIM cards


No charging Wireless
Unreliable fingerprint scanner
Average display quality

The only advisor, unlike GSMArena, is the quality of the main camera. This phone is not very satisfied and clearly pointed out that: “The main rear camera faces a problem in all conditions, except for great light, and creates blurry images. If you have steady hands, you can get usable photos, but if your subject is moving, the images will be blurry. Among the additional [camera] modes is a night mode, but this [mod] makes very little difference compared to standard mode photos.”

According to TechAdvisor, the main camera’s photos are great when there’s plenty of light. They are sharp and full of details and have pleasant colors. From the point of view of this source, the photos of the ultrawide camera are soft with few details and the results are worse in low light.

Android Headlines

Android Headlines in review Poco X3 GT as the best mid-range gaming smartphone Now the market mentions, “The Poco X3 GT has a number of small updates that make it a worthwhile upgrade over the Poco X3 Pro. [In this model] there is a better processor with 5G connectivity. The design language [of the device], while less unique [but] certainly more modern. Despite a slightly smaller battery, we got similar battery life and a more powerful charger. “We lost a 2-megapixel camera, but the overall results [from] the triple camera module are better than before.” IP53 water splash resistance standard and cover Gorilla Glass Victus other positive things mentioned by this source are about Poco X3 GT, and on the other hand, the lack of headphone jack and microSD memory slot is mentioned.


Weaknesses And the strengths of Poco X3 GT from the perspective of Android Headlines include:

Sharp design and modern appearance

Attractive 6.6-inch 120Hz LCD display with HDR10 support
Fast 67W charger provided with the device
Excellent battery life
Excellent performance Dimensity 1100 processor
Dual speakers perfectly tuned by JBL
Impressive performance of the main camera even in low light
5G on both SIM cards with NFC and infrared


Unavailability of microSD port
Not considering the headset jack (despite providing a conversion dongle in the box)

Poor performance of the selfie camera

The plasticity of the back cover and the need to take care of it against dust


According to Android Headlines, the default 16 megapixel images of the X3 GT main camera probably include The best photos you can take are in the middle range. The photos have many details and good color accuracy, and the final result has a natural appearance. In this source, of course, the aggressiveness of the processing algorithm is mentioned in some cases, which leads to excessive sharpening of the images.

Just like GSMArena in Android Headlines, the good quality of the 64 megapixel camera mode is mentioned, which provides better results than the 16 megapixel resolution, especially for zooming in the image. Of course, this feature only works in good and suitable light and in low light we face a much lower quality in 64 megapixel resolution. Acceptable and their low noise in favorable lighting conditions has been discussed. This resource considers X3 GT ultrawide camera images suitable for sharing on social networks.


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