Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

News unit EMGblog.com: Popular Poco brand phones of Xiaomi at a glance can be classified into three distinct categories including M series, X series and F series where the two X series and F are in the upper range and the small Poco M family are in the lower range of the market. From this series, only two phones have been released to the market, including Poco M3 and Poco M3 Pro will be The original M3 with an impressive design, offering a large screen with full HD resolution, a 48 megapixel camera, a large battery and UFS memory attracted the attention of many buyers, and now the M3 Pro, maintaining the advantages of Poco M3 in terms of camera and screen, 5G option has also added to the list of features of the device and thus seeks to repeat the success of this family.

Before checking the opinions of reputable media about Poco M3 Pro 5G First, it is better to get to know the specifications of this phone; M3 Pro 5G compared to the previous M3 in terms of design with changes faced, which is clearly recognizable both in the front and in the back; The first change belongs to the screen of this model, where the location of the selfie camera has changed from a drop notch to a punchy hole and has taken on a more modern look. On the back of the phone, although the appearance of the camera lenses and their vertical arrangement have not changed, the dark area around them has extended along the length of the phone this time and created a different composition.

6.5-inch Full HD 20 device screen: 9 with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and its selfie camera is still 8 megapixels. On the back of the phone, the two 2-megapixel macro and depth detection units are not very important, and we find only one 48-megapixel f/1.79 camera, which on paper is no different from the previous M3. The processor of this phone is Dimensity 700 has changed that A76 cores and A55 have become much more powerful than M3 and the option of 5G has also been added to its list of possibilities. 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of UFS 2.2 internal storage with the possibility of upgrading through the combined microSD port make up the specifications of this phone. The battery capacity has decreased from 6,000 to 5,000 mAh, but the 18-watt charger remains in place.

After this relative familiarity, it is time to check the opinions of reliable media regarding Poco M3 Pro 5G.


GSMArena Media Concluding his review of the M3 Pro 5G, he says: “Xiaomi knows how to make a good phone and Poco M3 Pro 5G is also from the same The recipe for success follows, this [model] has the best features you can get for €179, and 5G is one of its highlights. We liked the 90Hz LCD screen, it’s always smooth and fluid, bright enough and has great contrast. All four cameras (including the selfie camera) take beautiful photos, you can play most games satisfactorily, and the battery life is amazing.”

This media adds about the negative points of this phone: ” The Poco M3 Pro 5G certainly isn’t the fastest choice, its GPU is underwhelming, the charging [process] isn’t that fast [and] popular features like dual speakers and 4K video capture are missing. But right now 5G is expensive, so we can only imagine where a large part of the budget [to make this phone] went.”

GSM Arena summarizes the pros and cons of this phone as follows. It is:

IPS LCD display with 90Hz refresh rate

Great battery life

Good speaker quality
MiUI 12 smooth user interface
Reliable camera in day and night
Outstanding selfies
5G connection, 3.5 mm headset jack, infrared port, NFC and microSD memory card
Average GPU performance
The phone is not resistant in against water and dust penetration
absence of stereo speakers
not supporting 4K video recording

GSM Arena about the camera The owner of the phone points to the high quality of the photos taken during the day and talks about their high detail and sharpness, low noise, color accuracy and very good dynamic range. From the point of view of this media, of course, the quality of recording difficult and difficult details such as the foliage of trees is far from ideal and they take on a water color state, but it should also be noted that this situation is repeated in almost the same way even for much more expensive phones. . The M3 Pro actually does much more than what is expected of it.

The quality of the main camera at night is also described as satisfactory at the default resolution of 12 megapixels, and although some details are lost with the camera’s noise reduction mechanism, you can still be satisfied with the final result. According to GSM Arena, night mode in this camera leads to a brighter image and, of course, more noise and loss of details, but if the only purpose is to take a brighter photo, you can be satisfied with this option.

In the field of filming, this media also mentioned the high quality of colors, good contrast and wide dynamic range while pointing out the limitation to 1080p/30fps resolution and the absence of 4K or even 1080p/60fps. According to this media, the amount of detail is “ok” for a cheap phone.


at Pocket-lint review of Poco M3 Pro 5G with the headline of weaknesses and strengths of a cheap phone, the Pro version is mentioned as a different device compared to the low-end M3 version and It says: “This [model] is a decent budget phone with a reliable MediaTek [chipset] built in and long battery life.” Continuing its conclusion regarding this model, Pocket-lint mentions some negative points such as software problems, a somewhat strange design and the absence of a wide-angle camera, which are “not particularly noticeable.” According to this media Redmi Note 10 Pro In this category, it has a better display and cameras and a more classic design, but if you are interested in the Poco brand Poco F3 is a better choice.

The weaknesses and strengths of Poco M3 Pro 5G from Pocket-Lint’s point of view include these items.

Great battery life
Reliable main camera
Powerful MediaTek internal processor
Lack of wide angle camera
Slightly dark screen
Several cases of application crashing
Too much use of logo in design Body!

Pocket-lint says about the camera set of this phone: when it’s time Coming to the cameras, the M3 Pro claims to have a triple camera setup on the back. Well, forget about this issue because you will probably never use the macro camera and the depth of field sensor, and they practically have no other purpose than to fulfill the claim of making a triple camera. Fortunately, the main camera in this model is pretty decent.

Pocket-lint mentions the main camera’s performance as producing “powerful” and “sharp-looking” images in a wide range of situations, with fast focusing and fairly easy exposure adjustment as some other positives. The main camera of this phone. In the final conclusion of the Poco M3 Pro 5G review camera section, the absence of an ultrawide camera and some ineffective details in the user interface are the main negative points of this section, but at the same time, satisfaction has been expressed with the performance of the main camera.

Notebook Check

check notebook media in review M3 Pro 5G, which has the title “5G phone with powerful features at a reasonable price”, this model is an exciting offer from The Xiaomi brand describes it for price-sensitive buyers. NotebookCheck continues: “This 6.5-inch phone follows in the footsteps of Poco M3 movement, which was unveiled in early 2021 at an economical price of €150 (roughly $178) and offers considerable value.”

The conclusion of this review states: “Xiaomi Poco smartphones They’re known for offering plenty of features and high-end performance at an affordable price [and] the Poco M3 Pro 5G doesn’t disappoint, offering plenty of valuable [options]: 5G connectivity, a 90Hz display, NFC, a powerful battery, and A lot of processing power. The newest addition to the Poco [series] carries the Pro suffix in its name because the [previous] Poco M3 didn’t offer NFC, a 90Hz [display] and 5G.”

Notebook Media’s take on the pros and cons of the Poco M3 Pro 5G includes:

Sleek and beautiful design
5G connection
90 Hz display
NFC communication capability
Strong battery
No real added value for macro cameras and depth of field
Limited power management

Inaccurate GPS

No LED notification light
Two SIM cards are not real on the device

This is what the check notebook analysis says about the camera part of this phone : “From a marketing point of view the triple camera statement may be valid, but in reality [and in the real world] you don’t get three cameras [because] the depth sensor, which is only used to blur [the background of the main subject], and the macro camera is almost It is useless because the digital zoom [of the main camera] usually produces better results. It is impressive. It takes decent photos in good lighting conditions, scoring with a high level of detail and plenty of dynamic range. But they still look a bit pale at times. Photos in low-light environments are still OK, but the camera sensor is unable to capture enough detail after a certain degree [of light reduction] despite the availability of Night mode.”


Tekradar Media as well as almost all other reviews mentioned , Poco M3 Pro 5G a good choice According to the evaluated price, it is neither the best nor the worst economic phone of the year. If you need a really cheap phone that’s 5G-enabled and has impressive battery life, it’s definitely worth checking out.

In the review of this phone in the Tekradar media, the efforts of the Poco brand to attract the attention of users due to its high features and reasonable price have been mentioned, and the M3 Pro 5G has been mentioned as the latest effort of Xiaomi in this field. This phone is equipped with a large screen, 5G connection and better than average battery life, which can be good reasons to buy for some users. On the other hand, according to Tekradar, the camera set and overall performance of this phone is only at the level of “adequacy” and not more, so you have to decide for yourself what is more important to you.

Takradar has mentioned the following points on the positive and negative sides of this phone:


respectable performance
providing with 5G


numerous competitors
Average camera quality
Possibility of software being better

Tekradar’s review of the M3 Pro 5G camera section reads as follows: “Rear camera The Xiaomi Poco M3 pro 5G is OK in most situations, but not much more… There is a single 8MP wide-angle camera on the front that does the job of taking selfies for you, but it’s not going to stand up to any kind of challenging situations. ” Tekradar mentions the suitability of the main camera’s images provided there is enough light and hands without shaking, and in a situation where the automatic HDR option sometimes works inaccurately and erratically, turning it on permanently when shooting in environments with bright subjects at the same time and darkness is seen in it, it is considered the correct option. The vagueness and blurring of some details and poor performance in low light are on the negative side, and the appropriate color reproduction and high shutter speed are on the positive side of this camera from the single radar point of view.

Tech Adviser

From the perspective of TechAdvisor’s media, the Poco M3 Pro 5G has everything you need for a budget smartphone worthy of being grown up, but without clumsy and bloated software. has been The conclusion of the Tech Advisor review reads: “On paper, the Poco M3 Pro 5G is an exceptionally well-balanced budget smartphone. It [the phone] offers a large 1080p display with a 90Hz refresh rate, a 48MP camera, a large battery and more at an affordable price.” This media has once again highlighted the software part of this phone as its weak point, where the MIUI user interface, from the point of view of Tech Advisor, still needs significant work before it becomes something recommendable.

Tak advisor positive points and The cons summarize the Poco M3 Pro 5G as follows:

90Hz display
Great battery life
5G connectivity
MIUI software full of extras
Cameras Medium
Unpleasant to use with one hand

Tech Advisor in reviewing the condition of the camera of this phone: It’s rare to get good photography performance in a sub-£200 smartphone, expectations from the M3 Pro aren’t high in this regard and it’s a shame that those expectations don’t go any further than the initial level. The performance of the main camera is definitely sufficient, the details in most of the images are quite good, even on the sides, and this condition is also maintained for the color depth without experiencing excessive saturation. A recurring issue in this regard is the dynamic range, or rather its absence. In more light-challenged scenes, the M3 Pro tends to produce overexposed images. Performance in low light is not something to praise too much, although the night mode slightly improves this situation by improving the saturation and captured details.

TechAdvisor says of the M3 Pro’s 2-megapixel macro camera: “The macro sensor isn’t used for any kind of photography [and] is instead focused on video, and while it’s a brand new feature in Being able to focus on a subject 2cm away during video, the poor quality of the resulting video, ends any potential functionality this feature might have.”


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