Xiaomi Mix 5 will probably use a periscope camera with 200x magnification

Xiaomi Mix 5 will probably use a periscope camera with 200x magnification

Xiaomi Mix 5 will probably use a periscope camera with 200x magnification

Production of flagship phones is hitting a new high in the last two years. . In fact, it can be said that the flagships of recent years focus a lot on the camera department. In this period of time, the camera of high-end phones has been upgraded from 32 megapixels to 102 megapixels. With the rapid development of smartphone cameras, many of these devices now use periscope cameras. Some of these cameras offer 100x magnification and can even record the image of the moon directly.

Meanwhile, the image of the Xiaomi Mix 5 concept model has recently been released, which shows some of the possible features of this camera. Reveals the product. According to GizChina, based on the concept image of Xiaomi Mix 5, this device is expected to be equipped with a retractable camera. The most important feature of this camera is the possibility of 200 times magnification; However, zooming to such a level is pointless for smartphones.

We are not going to discuss in this article whether such a decent zoom can be achieved in a mobile camera; Even if such a feature can be provided on smartphones, you should probably use a tripod and a stabilizer to record enlarged images.

Furthermore, the published concept image of Mix 5 shows that the front part of this product will benefit from a full-screen design. This case will not only continue the technology under the display of the previous generation of this device; Rather, it will lead to the production of a product that is almost borderless on all four sides. In fact, it looks like the front of the phone is pretty much just a screen. However, the technology of the camera under the display is still far from the maturity stage, and this means that the image output of the selfie camera will not be much better than the previous generation.

However, it is important to note that the published image It is only a concept design and in many cases, the final product will not achieve this level of detail. Mix 5 will continue to be produced with the best Xiaomi technology and with advanced features such as support for 150W super fast charging technology and 2K display.

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  • Currently, Xiaomi has not released official information about Mix 5. Conceptually, the camera of this product will focus a lot on focus. However, various manufacturers continue to offer more powerful cameras on smartphones. For example, the telescopic camera that Oppo introduced a long time ago is similar to traditional lenses, except that it has smaller dimensions and can provide stronger zoom and focus effects.

    It goes without saying that Xiaomi naturally likes to explore extraordinary technologies. And attractive will not stop; Because according to recent reports, this company has also developed technologies related to its future smartphones.

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