Why do some Android phones overheat?

Why do some Android phones overheat?

Why do some Android phones overheat?

Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Android devices in general have become very powerful. It seems that the debate about Samsung’s Exynos and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips is endless, and this issue can lead to a dynamic competition.

Apart from whether the performance and innovation of Snapdragon is better or Exynos, both are plagued by similar problems and As these problems occur with chips manufactured by Samsung and TSMC alike, some industry experts believe that the main problem is related to the ARM chip design.

Android chips such as those supplied by Samsung and Qualcomm to manage Energy consumption and temperature are more difficult; Because they get hotter, which leads to more power consumption and faster performance degradation.

Both Exynos and Snapdragon chips use ARM’s ISA (Instruction Set Architecture). ISA is an abstract model that defines how software controls the CPU. Additionally, it is the interface between hardware and software and determines what the processor can do and how it performs its tasks.

On the other hand, Apple’s chips are based on the ARM-like ISA (instruction set architecture). Exynos and Snapdragon chips are used for Android devices. However, iPhones do not suffer from such problems as many Android devices. So, what’s the problem?

It’s all about optimization

A recent report suggests that Apple is partnering with ARM to optimize its chips used in iOS, overcoming the challenges posed by ISA (Architecture instruction) checks and solves ARM; Therefore, it seems that those processors that are used without changes are associated with problems.

Qualcomm and Samsung are developing their chips to be used by different manufacturers; Therefore, most seem to prefer compatibility over optimization. Thus, according to a recent report, unoptimized Android chips that use ARM’s unmodified ISA architecture perform poorly.

  • 2022 flagship Android chips all have overheating issues

Can Samsung do anything to prevent these problems? The answer to this question is positive in theory. According to a recent rumor, the South Korean giant may be making an entirely new chip that will be specially designed and optimized for Samsung phones.

Google is currently using its own Tensor chips for the Pixel smartphone series, and the interesting thing is that Tensor is made by Samsung; So, maybe in the future every major brand will offer their smartphones with a custom chip that is well optimized for their software.

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