What is hardware acceleration and what is its importance?

What is hardware acceleration and what is its importance?

What is hardware acceleration and what is its importance?

Hardware Acceleration is a feature that you may have seen in the menu of various programs of many devices such as Android phones. This feature is not always available in smartphone apps; But a number of popular Android applications such as YouTube and Chrome and Facebook uses it.

Hardware acceleration has various applications; From more efficient audio and video rendering to making text more readable and increasing the speed of 2D graphics and user interface animations. If this feature is available, it is better to use it; But in some cases it may cause defects and bugs. If you have various questions about hardware acceleration and are hesitant to use it, follow the rest of this article.

What is hardware acceleration?

Hardware acceleration uses special hardware to Increase the efficiency and speed of execution of tasks compared to when only the processor is used. Usually, this is done by assigning part of the processing task to the graphics processing unit and digital signal processor and other hardware blocks are performed that are specialized to perform specific tasks. ” rel=”nofollow “>The computing seems heterogeneous. In hardware acceleration, instead of relying on a platform-specific SDK to access various processing components, the operating system provides software developers with the types of acceleration used. When hardware acceleration is disabled, the processor can still perform the necessary functions in software; But at a slower speed than when this feature is enabled. One of the most common uses of hardware acceleration is video encoding and decoding.

Hardware acceleration transfers part of the CPU processing load to other hardware

Another common use of hardware acceleration is 2D graphics acceleration; For example, user interfaces must render a large number of graphics, text, and animations. This can be done by the central processing unit; But the graphics processing unit performs such operations faster. Such tasks can include applying an anti-aliasing filter to text to make it appear smoother or applying a semi-transparent overlay to the video. For other advanced graphics applications, you can accelerate physics and exposure ray tracing

Why hardware acceleration is important ?

The processor is considered the general work force of computer systems and is designed to perform any task assigned to it; But this flexibility means that the processor is not always the most efficient part for certain tasks; For example, tasks like video decoding or graphics rendering that involve a lot of sequential mathematical operations.

Hardware acceleration moves common tasks from the central processing unit to the hardware. A special task is to do them not only faster, but also more efficiently. This means the device will run cooler and the battery will last longer.

Hardware acceleration makes the system cooler and the battery lasts longer

When in use From dedicated video decoding blocks, instead of running the algorithm on the processor, the user can watch more high-quality videos with one charge. Needless to say, this frees the processor to do other things and increase the response speed of applications. Therefore, one must decide what features are worth supporting by a particular hardware . For example, we can mention the popular video codecs, which do not have favorable benefits compared to the cost.

Hardware acceleration has become an important tool in computer systems, from powerful personal computers to smartphones. The use cases of dedicated hardware are increasing with the introduction of machine learning applications. That being said, hardware acceleration is often used only to reduce battery consumption when watching videos from YouTube.

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