Watch: Pixel 6a’s fingerprint sensor even outperforms Pixel 6 Pro’s

Watch: Pixel 6a’s fingerprint sensor even outperforms Pixel 6 Pro’s

Watch: Pixel 6a’s fingerprint sensor even outperforms Pixel 6 Pro’s

Two new videos that have just been released of the Google Pixel 6a offer more details about the device, including the better performance of the fingerprint sensor. In addition, in the second video, we see the comparison of this mid-range device against the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 9to5Goolge points out that the Pixel 6a’s software is not the final version, and so new updates will surely fix existing issues and implement optimizations to other functions of the device.

With that in mind This is the first video that Fazli Halim’s YouTube channel published , shows a comparison of the performance of the Pixel 6a compared to the Pixel 6 Pro. Google has already said that the Pixel 6a uses a different under-display fingerprint sensor than last year’s flagships. By watching this video, the speed of Google’s new mid-range fingerprint sensor seems to be faster, indicating that the internet search giant’s new mid-range uses newer hardware.

Izami Gadget YouTube channel has also made a comparison between Pixel 6a camera and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Of course, it is not fair to put a mid-range phone against a flagship. The device heats up after four minutes of video recording and another four minutes of taking photos, and for that reason, Google must surely provide optimizations on its camera performance.

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The metal frame of the Pixel 6a is said to get very hot when using the camera. At the same time, it seems that the dust has been annoyingly collected under the camera band of this device.

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