Watch: New renders of the beautifully designed Galaxy S22 Ultra

Watch: New renders of the beautifully designed Galaxy S22 Ultra

Watch: New renders of the beautifully designed Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung is one of the companies that produces various products in the smartphone market. This company has launched products such as Galaxy S series, Galaxy Z Flip and Fold phones, which are all modern phones with advanced technologies. However, evidence suggests that the Galaxy S21 family is not experiencing impressive sales, and sales of the South Korean tech giant’s Galaxy S21 series have reportedly dropped by around 20% compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S20. In addition, the sales of the current flagships of this company have been about 50% less than the Galaxy S10 series. Apparently, Samsung has decided to return to its previous position with the Galaxy S22 series, and if the rumors about this product are true. In fact, this year we will see at least three new models of the next flagships of this company. Now we have to see if Samsung’s new strategy will be successful or not.

As we mentioned, the next Samsung flagship will be introduced this year in three models: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. As always, the Ultra model will be the best model of this series of Samsung phones, and the company will present its latest technologies in the S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

John Rettinger’s YouTube channel has a video of renders and possible features It has released the Galaxy S22 series phones that can introduce us to the design aspects of this phone. By introducing the first Galaxy Note series, Samsung introduced a popular category of smartphones with a large screen to the market; Products that gained their own fans and made additional features available to buyers by offering a stylus pen. It is not surprising that after stopping the production of new Note models, the company has now decided to offer some of the features of this series of products in the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The published renderings also show that The Galaxy S22 Ultra is undeniably similar to the design language of the Note 20 Ultra. One of the best expected features for the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the addition of the S-Pen to this product. This is while the Korean tech giant has already introduced this stylus in the new foldable Galaxy Fold model.

This model of Samsung’s next flagship will also take inspiration from the usual boxy design style of the Note series. It is said that this phone will be equipped with a 6.8-inch screen. We should also note that Samsung has always been one of the best companies in the world in the field of making screens, and this year we will see the use of the latest generation of Old LTPO screens in the Galaxy S22 series of this company.

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In addition, the use of the Snapdragon 8th generation processor provides many features to the Galaxy S series camera. 22 will add that, among other things, we can mention the recording of better quality images in low light conditions and the possibility of recording video with a higher frame rate. John Rittinger’s YouTube channel says that due to the capabilities of this processor, we can expect the video quality of Samsung’s next high-end flagship to finally be at the level of video quality Apple’s new iPhones.

Of course, the processing power of this chip is not expected to increase significantly compared to Snapdragon 888, but the Galaxy S22 series will benefit from higher charging speed and more efficient energy consumption thanks to this chip. According to recent rumors, Galaxy S22 series phones will support 45W fast charging technology. For comparison, we must announce that the current generation of Samsung flagships use 25W charging technology. According to what has been said, it seems that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will actually be the same as the Galaxy Note 22.

Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus

But one of the changes The important thing this year in Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus is the use of a glass back body. Last year, Samsung released the Galaxy S21 with a plastic body, which caused many users to criticize the company because the best available materials should be used in the construction of an expensive flagship phone.

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According to the available reports and rumors, it seems that the design of Galaxy S22 and 22 Plus has not changed much compared to the current generation of these two products, which of course is not a bad thing; Because the current design style of Samsung’s flagships has also reached an acceptable evolution, but the expected change for the standard Galaxy S22 will be to make this product smaller and use a 6-inch screen.

In addition to the Galaxy S22 display. Plus will be smaller than the Galaxy S21 Plus and will have a 6.5-inch screen. Although many users prefer a larger screen, the smaller screen of Samsung’s new flagships could make them easier to hold. In addition, these two models are expected to be equipped with a new 50 megapixel main camera.

Finally, it can be said that by removing the Note series, Samsung has made it easier for buyers to choose between high-end phones and by providing features such as the S Pen. – Pen in Galaxy S22 Ultra has made this product an ideal option for people who use the features of the Note series.

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