Watch: Microsoft Studio Laptop Surface Repair tutorial

Watch: Microsoft Studio Laptop Surface Repair tutorial

Watch: Microsoft Studio Laptop Surface Repair tutorial

Microsoft He published a new video on his Surface YouTube channel, detailing the disassembly and repair process. Surface Laptop Studio. In addition to explaining how to properly open the device, this video shows some unique ideas that Microsoft has implemented in the design and construction of this product.

Neowin writes Surface Laptop Studio is a strange laptop inside and out. This device has a complex form factor and is equipped with a strange hinge. Disassembling and opening this device seems easy at first. The Surface Laptop Studio’s battery is easily accessible on the bottom panel with sliding tabs. Also, there is no need to disconnect the battery cable; Because by removing SSD, the power of the whole system will be cut off and laptop will not turn on again; Unless it’s plugged into a power source.

Another great aspect of repairing a Surface Laptop Studio is that you don’t have to remove the motherboard to replace the battery, SSD, display, and ports. The connectors of this device are also designed in a modular way, which means that replacing the surface connector or audio jack will be relatively easy and affordable.

Microsoft says it is looking to support the right to repair; Therefore, it tries to avoid glue or excessive complexity in the interior design as much as possible. Of course, not all companies have the courage to design an expensive laptop like the Surface Laptop Studio in such a way that the user can easily repair it. However, it is hopeful that Microsoft has made such a decision.

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