Watch: Making Xiaomi Mi 9 the best option for gamers

Watch: Making Xiaomi Mi 9 the best option for gamers

Watch: Making Xiaomi Mi 9 the best option for gamers

All of us have seen gaming smartphones and sometimes even experienced using them. These devices have a bold design and powerful hardware, and usually require a separate cooling unit for temperature control. Even in some models like Redmi K40 Gaming Xiaomi or ASUS ROG Phone 5s Using hardware keys for a better gaming experience and turning the smartphone into a We are witnessing full-fledged gaming.

Have you ever thought of making your own gaming phone? Well, this is exactly the idea that the YouTube channel Geekerwan runs and has turned Mi 9 into a full-fledged gaming phone.

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The Geekerwan channel considered the main idea behind this work to be the sufficient power of old flagship phones to play today’s games. In order to achieve the same goal, they bought a second-hand model of the 2019 Xiaomi flagship with a broken back panel, the cost of which was only $110. The battery was the first part that was changed and instead of the 3300 mAh battery, 3 batteries were used. In total, their capacity reaches 9900 mAh. To do this, Geekerwan had to use third-party tools and make software changes in order to communicate the battery size to the operating system, and this is the reason for working with the XDA team.

The best part of the story is the overclocking of the chip, during which the graphics processor clock is overclocked up to 43% Is. Obviously, this increase in the graphics processor clock will also lead to an increase in heat production. Therefore, the Geekerwan team has decided to remove the camera modules and put a large, always-on cooler on board the Mi 9. The result of using such a large and powerful cooling system is to increase the stability of the chip in the stress test up to 98.3%. Finally, in order to integrate the Mi 90 Pro (the chosen name for the Mi 9 custom model) from a 3D printer for printing. New back cover is used. It might be interesting for you if we say that after all the changes, the weight of the mentioned phone has reached 270 grams! Also, the total cost was $40, which comes to an incredible $150 including the purchase price of the phone!

The matter becomes even more incredible when we say that after running the 3DMark Wild Life benchmark, the overclocked Snapdragon 855 chip It has up to 40% better performance compared to the standard version and is almost shoulder to shoulder with the Snapdragon 870!

For example, the standard model was able to run the game Genshin Impact in the best graphics settings and a frame rate of 39; But the Mi 90 Pro runs this game with the same settings, with a frame rate of 50, which is a significant improvement. Next, we invite you to watch the Geekerwan channel video.

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