US authorities have accused Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google of market abuse

US authorities have accused Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google of market abuse

US authorities have accused Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google of market abuse

News unit The Antimonopoly Committee of the United States of America Congress in a meeting which was held on Tuesday, October 6 of this year (October 15, 2019) in the House of Representatives of this country, four top technology companies including Google, Amazon and Facebook Kurds who use their power in the market to destroy competitors and bring small businesses to their knees in order to achieve more profits. Go to

The 449-page report proposes sweeping changes to antitrust law and describes “dozens of examples of corporate abuse from his power” The text also reveals how these mega-corporations have gone to great lengths to outdo their competitors and control more of the Internet.

The report of the committee, referring to the Facebook company, spoke about its exclusive power in the online advertising market and the social network market, and as an example, it pointed to the acquisition process of Instagram in 2012. This year, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, mentioned this photo sharing platform as a serious competitor and a potential threat. With such a view, it is natural that the purchase of companies such as Instagram and WhatsApp is considered a serious attempt by Facebook to maintain its monopoly position and eliminate competition.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Editors of this report on Google have also come to the conclusion that the way this company works is related to creating a monopoly in the search industry and the advertising market. The search has ended. In this text, Google is described as a company that has completely dominated the market through an “interconnected ecosystem of monopolies”. In addition, the combination of diverse services of this company provides a huge amount of user data; A problem that, in turn, leads to the consolidation and strengthening of Google’s dominance on the market.

The changes proposed by the committee about Google’s performance include things such as stopping simultaneous participation in auctions of online advertising space and holding these auctions. The American giant has established its monopoly in the field of search and strengthens it with “non-competitive tactics”, which includes relying on the Android ecosystem. As there are many reports about Google abusing its power in requiring phone manufacturers to install the company’s apps and use them by default. This has finally led to the undisputed leadership of Google in some fields of application. This company also continues its dominance by relying on the Chrome browser, Google Maps and Google Cloud, and uses programs such as Android Lockbox to track competing applications.

Google has always denied claims about its monopoly. And it has hindered the efforts made to curb and limit its policies in Android and search platform. Now, if the producers of this report successfully open their way, Google will have to make changes in the field of apps and the requirement to use them in Android-based phones. Although such changes will increase competitiveness, it is not a guarantee for its successful continuation. Because the Play Store and apps like Gmail are still essential apps for users in the United States, and consumers prefer using them over the many alternatives.

Apple is another company that In this report, he is accused of monopolization. The Cupertino giant has unrivaled power in the distribution of software for the iOS platform, and uses its control over the operating system and its store to “create and reinforce barriers to competition and discrimination against competitors, while prioritizing its own offerings.” Of course, this report also mentions the positive role and “significant benefits” of the Apple ecosystem for consumers and developers. But the non-competitive way in the field of iOS devices and requiring developers to pay high fees has ultimately reduced competitiveness in this part of the market.

Amazon is the fourth monopolistic company in the Antitrust Committee report. According to the committee’s analysis, the U.S. company exercises power over a large portion of its partner and third-party vendors, as well as many of its own suppliers. According to the report, Amazon’s share of the US online retail market is “at least” 40 percent, although some estimates suggest a share of 50 percent or more.

According to this committee’s proposal, Amazon should stop operating in markets where it competes with other retailers. On the other hand, in this report, the US Congress is asked to give more freedom of action to the enforcers of anti-monopoly laws so that they can stop the acquisition process of potential competitors. Amazon uses a variety of methods to maintain its monopoly, such as buying companies, undermining third-party sellers, and using Alexa to collect user data and offer merchandise accordingly.

This report was prepared under the supervision of the Democratic Representative, David Cicilline, in the Antitrust Committee. Accordingly, Reuters predicted that if Joe Biden wins, the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives may pressure Congress to act in accordance with the report’s findings and tighten antitrust laws.

At the end of the report, this committee proposed serious measures to deal with monopoly and called for “structural separation” and the limitation of dominant market platforms to be present in businesses active in other markets. Congressional policymakers have also recommended that not only the supply and prioritization of monopolistic companies’ services should be prevented, but these services should be offered in a more competitive manner and facilitate the transfer of information that may lead to a change in consumer decision.

Furthermore, committee members have called for a strategic change in the way antitrust laws are applied. Based on this, it has been suggested that the processes of merger and acquisition should be considered as anti-competitive by default and then the companies will be asked to prove otherwise. Also, the information related to the concentration of power of the companies should also be collected continuously.

Of course, whether the desired reforms will become reality or not, is an issue that is related to other factors. Hemmink’s Republicans have opposed some of the criteria proposed in this report, including “structural segregation”. Therefore, the House of Representatives must get the approval of the Senate and the President for the successful drafting of laws. This shows the importance of choosing November 3 this year in the field of anti-monopoly measures.

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