Unsaid Bill Gates of the failure of Windows Mobile – smartphones that could have been Windows

Unsaid Bill Gates of the failure of Windows Mobile – smartphones that could have been Windows

Unsaid Bill Gates of the failure of Windows Mobile – smartphones that could have been Windows

EMGblog.com: Windows Mobile operating system, 4 years earlier than Android It was introduced to the world of technology, but despite the pioneering Microsoft in the industry Smartphone, currently it is Android Google based on The world rules. It was in July 2017 that the news of Microsoft stopping support for Windows Phone 8.1 was reported in the media. Recently, Microsoft has announced that the Windows Phone Store will be closed for about a month. But in a conference held by the New York Times on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 (November 15, 2018) under the title DealBook, Bill Gates – the former CEO of Microsoft – considered the US Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Microsoft as the reason for the company’s failure in the mobile field.

According to Bill Gates, if the US Department of Justice had not prevented this company by filing a lawsuit against Microsoft, today we would have seen the presence of Windows Mobile in most smartphones instead of Android. He says: “There is no doubt that the ‘Competition Law’ lawsuit was bad for Microsoft and [otherwise] we would have focused more on creating a smartphone operating system, and if it wasn’t for the Competition Law case, today you would be using Windows Mobile instead of Android.” You would do it.”

Competition law – called antitrust in the United States and “antitrust law” in countries such as China and Russia – is law that promotes or maintains competition in the marketplace by regulating the anticompetitive practices of companies. According to Bill Gates, the lawsuit over this law by the Ministry of Justice against Microsoft caused the company to not be able to deliver Windows Mobile on time to Motorola and therefore Motorola has launched this smartphone with Android operating system. Most likely, Bill Gates here to the smartphone Moto Droid points out. The Moto Droid was Motorola’s first Android smartphone, released in 2009, and played an important role in the rise of Android’s popularity in the United States. Of course, the Verizon operator also played a significant role in this field.

Bill Gates says about this: “We were very close. “I was so confused and because of the distress [from the lawsuit], I kind of messed it up.” According to Bill Gates, Microsoft was three months behind schedule to deliver Windows Mobile operating system to Motorola, and Motorola had to choose Android. This is where we say, in this game, everything is won by it. Bill Gates, pointing out that now no one has even heard of Windows Mobile, admitted to the waste of several hundred billion dollars in this case. If you want to know the exact figure of Microsoft’s loss, we must say that in his speech a few months ago, Bill Gates mentioned Microsoft’s failure in the mobile field as his biggest mistake in Microsoft and the cost of this mistake was 400 billion dollars had announced.

According to Bill Gates, Microsoft’s conflict with the US government started in 1998, and if it hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have retired so soon. It was in 1975 that Bill Gates founded Microsoft with Paul Allen. But in 2000, when Microsoft’s antitrust lawsuit was at its peak, he stepped down and was replaced by the next CEO, Steve Ballmer (exactly one day after the US Department of Justice announced that it is looking to break up Microsoft).

In 2013, Steve Ballmer of Purchase of Nokia devices and services business by Microsoft announced. This event officially took place in April 2014 in order to appear as an attempt to strengthen Windows Phone. But at that time, Steve Ballmer had also retired and was replaced by the current CEO of the company, Satya Nadella. Satya Nadella did not believe much in the mobile business and did not show much effort to maintain and strengthen this sector, and finally, Windows Phone joined history. It is interesting to know, next year Microsoft plans to release an Android smartphone

In 2005, Google bought the Android license for 50 million dollars and the most important goal of this company was to compete with Windows Mobile. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, has admitted that Google was very concerned about whether Microsoft’s mobile strategy would be successful. But in the end, it was Android that destroyed Windows Mobile and Windows Phone and brought Microsoft to the point where it plans to produce Android phones!

Of course, apparently, this incident did not end so badly for Bill Gates because he is looking to withdraw from Microsoft, Bill Gates found more opportunities to work at the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” to be able to work alongside his wife in one of the world’s most powerful charities. Bill Gates is a member of the board of directors in this group and also holds the position of trustee of the foundation.

But reflecting on the words of Bill Gates can carry the message that lawsuits in the field of competition law against large technology companies can have adverse consequences on the market. In the third quarter of this year, inquiries and investigations by several US legal authorities (including the House of Representatives, state attorneys general and the Department of Justice) were conducted against Facebook in the field of competition law. Also, the Ministry of Justice’s previous interrogations of Alphabet in relation to the competition law were again followed up with civil demands from this institution. The Supreme Court of the United States recently announced that iPhone users can invoke the competition law against Apple file a lawsuit. Needless to say, within the framework of this law, the European Union started an investigation on Amazon in July.

Meanwhile, in the current situation, some US politicians want to break up the big technology companies. For example, Elizabeth Warren, the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, recently expressed her desire to break up companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google had spoken. But Bill Gates believes that breaking up technology companies cannot solve the anti-competitive behavior of these companies.

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