Turning Apple into a carbon-free company by 2030

Turning Apple into a carbon-free company by 2030

Turning Apple into a carbon-free company by 2030

News Unit EMGblog.com: According to the news on Tuesday, July 21 This year (August 31, 2019) on the Apple website Published, the Cupertino giant It seeks to produce its products without carbon pollution by 2030 (twenty years earlier than the target of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC) in order to keep up with the global trend in efforts to protect the environment. If this program is implemented, the production of greenhouse gases in the factories of this company will be reduced by 75%, and after that, Apple will try to completely eliminate the remaining 25% and become a completely environmentally friendly company. .

According to the recently published 2020 Environmental Progress Report, Apple has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 million tons last year. This amount shows a 35% drop compared to the peak of this gas emission by the American giant in 2015. This reduction, which has been achieved despite the increase in production and sales of Apple products, still leaves a major part of the environmental impact of this company with 25.1 million tons of gas released; A figure that is equivalent to the emission of carbon dioxide in six coal-based power plants during one year.

Experts believe that Apple can reduce pollution related to global warming by using recycled materials and improving the energy efficiency of its products. Today, the products of this company consume 73% less energy compared to 11 years ago. In addition, according to the reports published by the company itself, things such as facilities and commercial transportation have been carried out since April of this year without the release of carbon pollution. Also, Apple in 2018 ordered a sufficient amount of renewable energy for Its production operations were reported around the world.

Of course, it will be harder for the company to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from product manufacturing, which accounted for 76 percent of Apple’s carbon footprint in 2019. To overcome this challenge, Apple is looking to work with suppliers that operate on renewable energy. According to the company’s announcement, more than 70 suppliers have committed to use only renewable energy for the production of Apple products. As a result, it is estimated that this will cause a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, which will be equivalent to removing 3 million cars from the street for a year.

Apple also takes other measures to protect the environment, including increasing the use of recycled raw materials in products, new projects of solar energy panels in Scandinavia to supply energy to data centers, development of the smelting process. Aluminum pointed to carbon-free and environmentally friendly projects benefiting local communities, including installing solar panels on the roof of a building to house underprivileged children in the Philippines and electrifying a remote fishing community in Thailand.

Apple claims that the power required by the company’s data centers has been fully supplied by renewable energy since 2014. For example, Apple’s wind farm in Montague, Oregon is one of the largest projects of the company, which operates with a power of 200 megawatts and provides the necessary energy to Apple’s data center in Prineville.

Of course, the main role of companies like Microsoft and Amazon in the context of commitment to earth protection forgot In 2012, Microsoft reduced carbon dioxide emissions to zero, and in January of this year, it announced that its carbon footprint will be negative in the future; This means that by 2030, the amount of greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere by this company will exceed the amount of gas it emits. The giant American company has also pledged to invest $1 billion in technologies that will help to completely eliminate all the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by Microsoft since its founding.

Amazon also set a goal for itself last year to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2040. In June, the company also announced a $2 billion investment to develop technologies that help companies cut carbon emissions. But despite these commitments, the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the American giant last year was 15% more than in 2018; Which, more than anything, goes back to the increase in sales of products on Amazon.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, “Businesses have a huge opportunity to help build a sustainable future born out of our shared concern for the planet we all share. “Climate action can provide the basis for a new era of innovative possibilities, job creation and sustainable economic growth.”

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