Turn your old computer or laptop into a fresh Chromebook with Chrome OS Flex

Turn your old computer or laptop into a fresh Chromebook with Chrome OS Flex

Turn your old computer or laptop into a fresh Chromebook with Chrome OS Flex

EMGblog.com: Many of us have an old computer or laptop. which is left unused in a corner of the house and rots. This old computer or laptop most likely has outdated software, loads very slowly, or doesn’t work at all. Having said that, you may not have thought of throwing it away. But if there was a way to revive it, maybe such a thought would never come to you. Apparently Google has a new solution in this field. This American company introduced on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 (26 February 1400). A new version of Chrome OS, called Chrome OS Flex, claims that this new operating system can breathe new life into old systems.

The idea of ​​reviving old computers with a software solution was already realized by the Neverware company by offering a solution called CloudReady. That way, if you were the owner of an old piece of hardware that couldn’t run Windows or macOS like it used to, you could turn your old device into a passable Chromebook by installing CloudReady. This creative solution made CloudReady well received by personal users and large organizations. This process continued until Google bought Neverware in late 2020. Now, with the design of Chrome OS Flex, Google intends to continue the same path with more power and coherence.

Actually, Chrome OS Flex is considered a rebuilt version of CloudReady, which, like CloudReady, includes all the code and resources Google has access. You can download an image of Chrome OS Flex for free on a flash drive by visiting this page from the Chrome Enterprise website and then boot it on your PC or Mac computer. If you are satisfied with this solution, you can say goodbye to old Windows or macOS altogether by installing Chrome OS Flex on your device and turn your system into a full-fledged Chromebook (even if your computer or laptop is 13 years old). !).

Anyone interested in trying out Chrome OS Flex can download and run it now, but Google seems to be targeting this product mostly for businesses and educational institutions; The same goal he was looking for before with Chrome OS itself. As such, one of the big benefits of Chrome OS Flex is that IT departments can manage their devices just like any other Chromebook, as Chrome OS Flex can be deployed across multiple devices on a network and IT departments will be able to Manage everything through the Google Admin console.

Chrome OS Flex has more capabilities compared to CloudReady. The Flex version uses the same base code of Chrome OS and looks no different from Chrome OS. Therefore, devices equipped with Chrome OS Flex can receive software updates simultaneously. Meanwhile, Neverware had to wait for Google to release an update for Chrome OS, and then Neverware would be able to update CloudReady. Another advantage of Flex is having access to Google Assistant; A feature that can be seen in the most popular Chromebooks these days, but CloudReady was deprived of it.

At the end, it should be mentioned, Chrome OS Flex is currently going through the early access stage. For this reason, Google reminds users that they may encounter bugs that need to be fixed when using Chrome OS Flex. That is why users are asked to send their feedback to Google while experiencing this product. The release of the final version of Chrome OS Flex is planned for the second quarter of this year. Until then, Google will continue to release the stable version of CloudReady, and as soon as Chrome OS Flex is finalized, CloudReady users will be transferred to Flex.

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