Threadripper processors use liquid cooling

Threadripper processors use liquid cooling

Threadripper processors use liquid cooling

AMD will sell its Threadripper products in August . Now the published news indicates that the packaging of the processors of the Threadripper will include liquid cooling, which is contrary to the usual practice of using air cooling or offering a processor without cooling (like some Intel).

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As in the month It was reported that Threadripper will compete with two processors: 1920X with 12 cores and 24 threads and a price of $799 and 1950X with 16 cores and 32 threads and a price of $999. These chips are direct competitors of Intel’s Core i9 series. According to AMD, the 12-core processor has managed to defeat its Intel rival with a score of 2400 in Cinebench software, while the Core i9 processor has scored 2100. The 16-core Treadripper processor was also able to achieve a dream score of 3000 in Cinebench. > Provided by AMD itself, can’t be trusted too much and we’ll have to wait to see the results in the real world. But with their great price, Threadripper processors will surely win the price-to-performance ratio.

Even if these processors are not provided with liquid cooling, due to the high processing power and consumption of Treadripper processors, it is better to use liquid cooling or high-end air cooling to dissipate heat.

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