The third generation iPhone SE will be unveiled in April 2022

The third generation iPhone SE will be unveiled in April 2022

The third generation iPhone SE will be unveiled in April 2022

Mark German of Bloomberg says in his latest weekly newsletter that anonymous sources have told him that Apple is preparing for its first virtual event in March or April 2022. According to him, probably the most important product of this event will be the new iPhone SE.

It is interesting to know that the current iPhone SE was also unveiled in April 2020; Therefore, the mentioned interval seems very probable. In general, iPhone SE 2022 cannot be called the next generation of this family and will be mostly an improved model of the current iPhone SE. Having said that, we expect to see a design language inspired by the iPhone 8 and probably the most changes will be summarized in the use of new processing and communication chips.

Using the A14 or A15 Bionic chip and subsequently the X55 or X60 cellular modem. Qualcomm makes the mentioned phone, in addition to its impressive processing power, also support the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G). Apparently, other specifications will remain intact compared to the previous generation.

  • Trial production of the third generation iPhone SE will begin soon

with Moving on from the iPhone SE, Apple is working on the next generation MacBook Air with a completely new design. However, it is not yet clear whether the said ultrabook will be unveiled at the upcoming event or not. German says that the second event will be WWDC, or the developers’ event, which is usually held in June.

According to the usual routine, the focus of Apple’s attention is expected to be on new software capabilities; But the unveiling of new hardware will not be far off. Apparently, due to the corona virus epidemic and its consequences, the 33rd Apple global developer conference will be completely online and virtual, and in it the giant of the technology world will unveil its latest achievements.

Perhaps the most ambitious product of Apple in the last ten years is the headset HMD (head-mounted) device, which will be powered by a combination of two augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. For a long time, there have been many rumors of Apple’s interest in making a kind of glasses based on Apple’s mixed reality technology; But the giant of the technology world has considered the research and development of this product in laboratory conditions and has refused to present it in the market. However, it seems that 2022 will be the year when the people of Cupertino will fulfill all these rumors. It is said that Apple will unveil its first generation mixed reality headset in the last quarter of next year. Also, Apple may give details and a preview of the headset at the WWDC 2022 conference to prepare developers.

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