The RTX 2060 laptop version has lower performance than expected

The RTX 2060 laptop version has lower performance than expected

The RTX 2060 laptop version has lower performance than expected

A new report suggests that Graphic Processor mobile Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 is a poor choice for gaming laptops and the laptop version of this processor is significantly weaker than the desktop version.

These results from announced that it has benchmarked the 2060, 2070 and 2080 GPUs in 3DMark and compared them to the desktop versions.

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According to the benchmark results of Time Spy Graphics at 2560×1440 resolution and Fire Strike at 1920×1080 resolution, the RTX 2080 mobile version is between It is 8 to 10 percent slower than the desktop version, and this figure for RTX 2070 is between 14 and 18 percent; But the mobile version of RTX 2060 is 20 to 25% slower than its desktop processor and this is the main problem.

Many buyers seeing the RTX name 2060 on both mobile and desktop versions may consider the two GPUs to be the same or expect close performance from the two, when this is not true.

This issue was not very prominent in the previous generation of Nvidia graphics processors, i.e. GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060; because the processors Mobile graphics had a performance very close to their desktop namesake.

The performance is 25% weaker than the desktop version in RTX 2060, rather than a technical problem, it is a kind of deception for customers.

M Suffix

Nvidia used to use the M suffix to indicate the mobile version of the desktop version of its graphics processors, but Nvidia used this naming convention to differentiate between the versions. Mobile and desktop, since Pascal graphics chips except Kerr d. Considering the significant difference in the performance level of the RTX desktop and laptop versions, this naming method does not seem acceptable. In this way, it is expected that the two desktop and laptop versions will have close performance, and this issue is not true at all. Since the release of the first laptops with RTX graphics processor, the weaker performance of these chips has been discussed., in addition to the mismatch between the performance of the desktop and laptop versions, emphasizes another defect of the RTX 2060 laptop chips, and that value The bottom buy is this GPU. The GTX 1660 Ti mobile processor is only a few percent (exactly in one of the results 4 percent) was weaker than RTX 2060 in terms of raw performance; While it is a cheaper option than that.

Of course, it is true that with the mentioned chip of the new technique Ray Tracing (Ray Tracing) RTX processors will be useless, but really how important is this technique in a gaming laptop? Ray tracing is efficient on a gaming desktop with a high-end GPU, but not so important on a mobile processor that isn’t even the most powerful option of its kind.

Despite all these issues, the RTX 2060 is by no means a processor Mobile is not weak, but compared to its desktop version and other processors introduced in the new generation of Nvidia, it does not have much to say; Especially when Nvidia does not distinguish between this processor and its desktop version.

It is expected that Nvidia will respond to these criticisms and make the necessary decisions in this regard.

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