The return of the Samsung Galaxy Note series has been tacitly confirmed

The return of the Samsung Galaxy Note series has been tacitly confirmed

The return of the Samsung Galaxy Note series has been tacitly confirmed

Samsung is said to launch the Galaxy S22 next month. > provides Several rumors published by well-known sources say that the most powerful model of Samsung’s new high-end phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is going to look like the Galaxy Note 20 and be equipped with a port for the S Pen stylus. These rumors seem to have been recently confirmed by Samsung.

As PhoneArena reports, TechInsider’s Twitter account claims that Samsung is preparing its official website for the launch of new phones. Metatags have recently been added to Samsung’s website that briefly hint at the Korean company’s plans.

Notably, the new metatag is related to the Galaxy S series phones. Samsung has also added a new meta tag focusing on the Galaxy Note series. Some time ago, rumors said that Samsung might introduce the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the name Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, and some time later, another report claimed that Samsung has chosen the name Galaxy S22 Note; However, it wasn’t long before Samsung’s press release was revealed and put an end to these rumors.

New metatags recently added to Samsung official website

The names mentioned by the whistleblowers have confused us, however, we should not forget an important point; Regardless of the final name, the most powerful flagship phone in the Galaxy S series is going to be a hybrid of the Galaxy S family and the Galaxy Note with a boxy look. Rumors say that Samsung wants to introduce a new S Pen model with faster performance.

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Besides These are the Dutch website Let’s Go Digital says Samsung has a new 45W charger for the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra makes. Seen on Samsung Netherlands’ website, the new charger is known as model number EP-T4510 and is 30% more compact than the current 45-watt Korean charger (model number EP-TA845) and features features to deal with overvoltage, fluctuations and It has an electrical connection. This USB-C charger will be available with a 1.8 meter cable and a price of 50.82 euros. The 45-watt EP-TA845 charger is currently sold at a price of 35 euros.

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