The result of a survey: 40% of iPhone users plan to buy the iPhone SE 3

The result of a survey: 40% of iPhone users plan to buy the iPhone SE 3

The result of a survey: 40% of iPhone users plan to buy the iPhone SE 3

iPhone SE 3 or the third generation iPhone SE is one of the products that is expected to be introduced at the Peek Performance event on March 17, 1400 by Apple. According to Macrumors , an independent survey was conducted among 2,549 iPhone owners, which asked their opinion about the third generation iPhone SE.

The results of this survey show that among iPhone users who plan to buy the new iPhone SE, 24 10% want to use it as their main device and 16% want to give it as a gift or use it as a second phone. However, most buyers intend to use this device themselves.

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10.9% of the participants in this survey plan to get the iPhone SE 3 for their child and 10.2% for their partner. and 7.8 to buy it for one of their family members such as parents, grandfather or grandmother.

Most of these people cited the affordability of the new iPhone SE as the reason for their purchase; While 15.2% support the fifth generation network, 11.3% prefer its small size, and 6.7% prefer the Touch ID button. they had an iPhone 11 and 11.5% of them will abandon their current phone after buying this phone. Also, 6.8% plan to upgrade their iPhone XR to the third-generation iPhone SE, and 6.7% will migrate from the iPhone 12 to this phone. Overall, the survey found that owners of iPhones 6 to 13 Pro Max have a broad desire to switch their phones to the new iPhone SE.

Of the users who said they were undecided about buying the new iPhone SE, 66. 2% are still satisfied with their current iPhone model, 9.3% want to wait for the release of iPhone 14, 4.1% cited the small size of this phone as the reason for not buying it, and 3% do not consider it premium enough.

What is your opinion about buying the third generation iPhone SE? Is this phone worth buying?

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