The request of American security institutions to ban the activities of China Telecom in this country

The request of American security institutions to ban the activities of China Telecom in this country

The request of American security institutions to ban the activities of China Telecom in this country

News unit The US government has given almost all active Chinese companies It is suspicious in the field of mobile phones. Huawei and ZTE, one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of mobile phones and telecommunication equipment, is considered a national security threat in the United States be. Among other Chinese telecommunications companies active in America, we can mention China Telecom, which is likely to Huawei’s fate suffered to be To Bloomberg Report, recently a number of American security agencies requested the “Federal Communications Commission” (FCC) to allow China Telecom to operate in invalidate the United States. It should be noted that China Telecom is the second largest mobile service provider in China with 336 million subscribers.

According to American security agencies, the attempt to cancel China Telecom’s activity is due to significant risks that threaten the United States in the fields of national security and law enforcement. It is claimed that these risks originate from China Telecom’s access to the American telecommunications network. It should be noted that the security agencies’ request to revoke China Telecom’s license (which was issued in 2007) is part of a general review announced by the FCC last year, in which the telecommunications company China Mobile was banned from operating in the US market. became.

In addition to issues such as trade and the spread of the corona virus, China and the United States also quarrel over the security of telecommunication networks. This prompted the US authorities to sanction Huawei as a threat to national security; A claim that Huawei has always denied. One of the officials of China Telecom, named Ge Yu, also issued a statement and denied the accusations made by the United States. According to him, China Telecom has always cooperated with the American regulatory agencies and made its activities transparent. According to Zhi Yu’s claim, in many cases, the company has complied with the highest international standards and even exceeded what is expected in order to build trust and display the quality of its activities and the way it serves customers.

According to John Demers, US Deputy Attorney General for National Security, China Telecom’s threat is a reflection of what Chinese telecommunications companies in general, US threatens According to John Demers, these companies are under the law of the Chinese government and are obliged to carry out its orders. Therefore, according to American officials, it is unlikely that China Telecom is under the control and influence of the Chinese government. Referring to one of the agreements that was violated by China Telecom in the past, Dimers considered this as aggravating concerns in the field of national security. The Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Commerce, and the Office of the United States Trade Representative are among the institutions that called for the cancellation of China Telecom’s license in the United States.

Another factor that has caused American officials to worry is that, according to them, China Telecom’s activities in America may be the basis for malicious cyber activities by Chinese entities; Activities that can lead to economic espionage as well as the disruption and diversion of American communications. According to two US senators (in September of last year), China Telecom’s access to American telephone lines, fiber optic cables, mobile networks and satellites is such that the Chinese government can easily intercept the communications of Americans and their businesses, as well as Target US government communications.

Of course, perhaps the concerns of American officials are not so irrelevant. According to them, China Telecom made false statements about the storage location of the company’s records and the company’s measures for cyber security and privacy protection were insufficient. The extent of China Telecom’s activities in the United States is not very clear, and according to the claims of American security agencies, this company can provide Chinese government agents with holes in 18 points through which it connects to the Internet; According to this security institution, the Chinese government will be able to disrupt and divert American data and communication traffic through these holes.

One day after the publication of the news of accusations against China Telecom, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China took a stand against it and announced that it strongly opposes any US action against China Telecom. In this regard, Zhao Lijan, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a press conference with reporters: “We ask the United States to respect the principles of the market economy, its wrong way of generalizing national security and politicizing economic problems.” stop and end the unjustified suppression of Chinese companies.”

According to what is stated on the China Telecom website, the company’s offices are located in New York, Los Angeles and other American cities, and its headquarters is in Herndon, Virginia (near Washington DC). ) Is located. According to the information on this website, the company’s goal is to provide voice and data solutions and services (high quality) to businesses and operators located between America and China. Needless to say, this Chinese company in America also provides access to international private lines and introduces this work in the market in the name of providing reliable bandwidth for sensitive data transfer. Another activity of this company in America is providing mobile services under CTExcel brand.

Finally, one day before the security issue related to China Telecom was raised, the “Federal Communications Commission” (FCC) had adopted another regulatory decision, where there is also a trace of the Chinese government. Not long ago, Google and Facebook managed to get a legal agreement regarding the internet cable that will connect America and Asia by crossing the Pacific Ocean. These two companies have borne part of the cost of building this cable (which is now completed), but the US regulatory bodies have blocked its use to connect the US to Hong Kong and have only issued permission to establish this connection to Taiwan. . Now, the United States Department of Justice, in a report to the FCC, declared: “A direct cable connection between the United States and Hong Kong poses a distinct national security risk.”

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