The production of electronic products in America will become 25% more expensive

The production of electronic products in America will become 25% more expensive

The production of electronic products in America will become 25% more expensive

The United States will soon impose a 25% tariff on the import of 800 types of goods from China. Thousands of goods are subject to this new law, one of which is electronic parts and products. Among the people who will be severely affected by this law are electronic engineers; Because the price of the parts they need will be at least 25% more expensive.

The American Trade Office has fully explained the reason for applying this new tariff in a document, in this document it is claimed that the main purpose of such action is to With the Chinese government subsidizing electronics companies to take the market from American companies and also fining the country for stealing patents. In another document, the list of all types of goods subject to these sanctions is mentioned. There are some very small and strange items in this list, such as AC motors with a power of more than 746 watts that do not reach 750 watts!

One of the important items in this parts list It is electronics, which include tantalum and ceramic capacitors, metal oxide resistors, types of LEDs, and types of chips such as processors, controllers, memories, and printed circuits. In general, it can be said that every part and product that is needed in the electronics industry.

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These tariffs will seriously affect all electronics manufacturers in America. Since most of the manufacturing factories of electronic components are located in China, the source of most of the design and manufacturing companies is also from China, so the tariff increase will increase the prices drastically (at least 25% for a country whose inflation is below 3%). This issue becomes more apparent when you consider its impact on research and development costs that deal with development boards and expensive prototypes. There are cheap ways to buy parts; However, well-known and reliable companies will definitely not spend their time buying parts from these methods, while buying directly from Chinese sellers will always be associated with various risks, including quality. It seems that the impact of this increase in customs tariffs will be seen very clearly and directly on products made in America; Because the profit margin of electronic devices and products is not enough to cover this 25% increase in the cost of primary parts.

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