The price of the iPhone 14 series is likely to increase

The price of the iPhone 14 series is likely to increase

The price of the iPhone 14 series is likely to increase

Shawa Denko K.K, one of the suppliers of chips needed for iPhones Apple warned about the possible increase in the price of these smartphones in the future. This Japanese company has announced that it will increase its prices due to the economic problems of the $550 billion semiconductor industry.

According to iMore and, according to Bloomberg, due to the current situation of the world in front of Covid-19 and the effects of the war in Ukraine and the fall in the value of the Japanese yen In this year, we have seen the price increase many times. Shawa Denko K.K.’s chief financial officer, Hideki Samiya, warned last week that the existing problems are unlikely to be resolved until next year. In an interview with Bloomberg, he told Bloomberg that his company has been forced to drastically increase the fees announced to its customers. According to Samya, the company’s customers are now paying double the price they were previously quoted.

Bloomberg reports that Shawa Denko expects prices to rise even further and that product lines The losses of this company will also be suspended. As mentioned, this Japanese company is one of the suppliers of TSMC And TSMC also produces the chips needed for the best Apple iPhone models. This Taiwanese chip maker has actually produced iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series chips and is also responsible for producing iPhone 14 series processors. Therefore, it is expected that the price of the Pro models of Apple’s future iPhones will experience a significant jump.

  • iPhone sales in China have been higher compared to other companies’ phones
  • Apple has increased the price of the iPhone in Japan by 25%

The result of all the changes in component prices is that companies like Apple will eventually be forced to sell their products more expensively, and this situation could ultimately lead to the burden of Put the increase in costs on the shoulders of customers. The current conditions of the global economy have already affected some markets. Last week, Apple suddenly raised the prices of some iPhone 13 and iPad models in Japan by 20% or even more in order to cope with the pressure caused by the depreciation of the yen.

It seems that the future will see We will increase prices. Also, with no signs of improvement in the near term, there is a very big risk that iPhone customers will be hit. It is very disappointing that the burden of increased costs will ultimately fall on the end consumers.

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