The price of AMD’s Threadripper processors has been revealed: $1000 cheaper than Core i9

The price of AMD’s Threadripper processors has been revealed: $1000 cheaper than Core i9

The price of AMD’s Threadripper processors has been revealed: $1000 cheaper than Core i9

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AMD by specifying the price of Treadripper processors, users once again And surprised the experts. The 12- and 16-core processors will be called the Threadripper 1920X and 1950X, and their prices will be $799 and $999, respectively. Meanwhile, the price of the 18-core Core i9-7980XE Intel is $1,000 more than the 1950X processor. AMD’s processor processors with the X399 chipset have been introduced to compete with Intel’s high-end processors with the X299 chipset. Threadripper up to 16 cores, 32 MB of L3 cache and memory It supports 4 channels.

Ryzen AMD processors


Treadripper 1950X Treadripper 1920X

Ryzen 7


Socket (TR4 (LGA



1331- pin

core/crisp 16/32 12/24
Base frequency 3.4 GHz 3.5 GHz 3.6 GHz
Turbo frequency 4 GHz 4 GHz 4 GHz
XFR (?+100)?  (?+100)? +100 MHz
L3 cache 32MB 32 MB? 16 MB
TDP 180 watts* 180 watts* 95 watts
PCI-E 16X lanes 60+4 60+4 16+4+4
RAM frequency (1DPC) ? ? 2666 MHz
RAM frequency (2DPC) ? ? 2400 MHz
Chipset X399 X399 X370



AMD suggested price $999 $799 $499
Retail price not known not known $419

As you can see in the table, some houses are marked with question marks. AMD has announced that it will release this information to the media closer to the product launch. But with some information being known, we can compare the prices of new and high-end desktop processors of the two companies. Users will pay about $700 less for the 16-core, 32-core 1950X than the 16-core, 32-core Core i9-7960X, and $1,000 less than the 18-core Core i9-7980XE. Also, by buying the weaker 1920X processor with 12 cores and 24 threads, you will pay $400 less than the 12 cores and 24 threads Core i9-7920X and $600 less than the 14 cores and 28 threads Core i9-7940X.

AMD says that starting next month, selling processors and Ryzen motherboards Ryzen will launch Threadripper and pre-order systems for Alienware Area-51 will also launch on July 27th (these systems use the Tredreeper processor). Considering that Intel will start shipping Core i7 processors in mid-July and continue until October when the Core i9-7980XE is released, AMD’s processor processors have a chance to take part in the market. with their early release in August.

Ryzen Threadripper 1950X

According to the information we have so far about the 1950X processor, this processor consists of 16 Zen cores with clock It uses 3.4 GHz in base mode and 4 GHz in turbo mode and has a price tag of $999. This product is actually two Ryzen 7 1800X chips at a price of $499, which are joined together to form a 1950X processor at a price of $999 (of course, the Threadripper is much more complicated in terms of hardware and controller than Ryzen processors). Considering the specifications and working frequency and the fact that an 1800X processor with a slightly higher working frequency has a power consumption of 95 watts, the power consumption of the 1950X processor will probably be around 180 watts.

As mentioned, the clock speed of Threadripper reaches 4 GHz in turbo mode. This frequency can be reached in new AMD processors using XFR technology. Using this technology, the processor frequency increases in 25 MHz increments when temperature and power consumption allow. AMD has not announced the maximum frequency that can be increased by XFR for the Threadripper; But according to the experience of experts on Ryzen silicon and the specifications of previous processors, this value should be more than 100 MHz. We expect AMD to use the same Indium-Tin solder used in the rest of the Ryzens in the Threadripper. Also, if this processor is released with a stock cooler, considering the power consumption of 180 watts, AMD should use a powerful cooler next to the Treadripper.

Comparison of giants of the two companies

Now Intel has introduced its 18-core processor with the name Core i9-7980XE and a price tag of $1999. This processor will be released at the end of this year and its full specifications will be available to sites and media.

Features AMD 1950X INTEL Core i9-7980XE
Core /td 32/16 36/18
Base/Turbo frequency 4/3.4 GHz ?
PCI-E 16X lanes 60 44
L2 cache 512 KB per core 1 MB per core
L3 cache 32 MB 24.75 MB
TDP 180 watts* 165 watts?
Price $999 $1999

Comparing these two processors and what we already know, AMD is ready to fight Intel on many fronts. The first point is the very competitive price of the 1950X. Both processors support RAMs with a frequency of 2666 in 1DPC mode. However, here too, the bottom of the scale is slightly in AMD’s favor; Because Intel does not support ECC, while it is expected that Threadripper processors support ECC. On the other hand, Intel has a stronger microarchitecture and the processes inside the processor have improved communication; However, if the AMD processor works at a higher frequency, one should wait and compare the performance of the two processors in the real world.

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Treadripper has access to 60 PCIe lanes for accelerators such as GPUs, RAID cards and other functions; In addition, 4 other lines are reserved by the chipset. While the PCIe lanes of Intel Core i9 processors are limited to 44 lanes, the X299 chipset has higher I/O operation capabilities and support. We expect the power consumption of 1950X to be equal to 180 watts and the power consumption of its Intel competitor to be around 165 watts, which leads to Intel’s relative superiority. Also, while Intel supports AVX-512, AMD has used AVX and smaller FMAs in the Threadripper. Another interesting thing is the die-to-die Latency of Threadripper, which will be known after its presentation.

Ryzen Threadripper 1920X

Two competitors Straightforward are the 12-core, 24-thread Threadripper 1920X, the 8-core Core i7-7820X, and the 10-core Core i9-7900X, both of which are available now.

L2 cache


AMD 1920X INTEL Core i7-7820X INTEL Core i7-7900X
Core/Tread 12/24 8/16 20/10
Base/Turbo frequency 4/3.5 GHz 4.5/3.6 GHz ?
PCI-E 16X lanes 60 28 44
512 KB per core 1 MB per core 1 MB per core
L3 cache 32 MB 8.25 MB 11MB
TDP 180W* 140 watts 140 watts
price $799 $599 $999

1920X processor at $799, between i7-7820X processors at $599 Lar and Core i9-7900 are priced at 999, but have more cores. The AMD processor has 60+4 PCIe lanes, while the number of PCIe lanes of Intel processors reaches 44 and 28 lanes, respectively. Both Intel processors support AVX512, but only the 7900 supports the dual 512-bit FMA engine, and its smaller brother has only one FMA engine (the AMD 1920X uses 128-bit FMAs).

Benchmarks obtained and published by AMD by CINEBENCH software are according to the following table:

CINEBENCH benchmark results
core/crunch 16/32 12/24 20/ 10
Base/Turbo frequency 4/3.4 GHz 4.0/3.5 GHz 4.3/3.3 GHz
price $999 $799 $999
Score 3062 2431 2167

Seems to be a 16-core Threadripper processor at launch to be without competitors in the market and easily take the title of “the world’s fastest consumer class desktop processor”. Of course, we have to wait until the release of the i9-7980XE processor at the end of this year and see how the Treadripper will perform against the Intel 18-core giant.

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