The possible design of Samsung’s first phone with a rollable display has been revealed

The possible design of Samsung’s first phone with a rollable display has been revealed

The possible design of Samsung’s first phone with a rollable display has been revealed

Samsung After dominating the foldable smartphone market, it has plans for its future. Over the past years, we have seen many reports that the brand may be planning to use sliding or rollable displays in its future phones. The South Korean tech giant has also demonstrated some of the technology behind this type of display.

As SamMobile writes, it is not yet clear how far we are from introducing a smartphone equipped with a Samsung rollable display. Of course, until then, we can look for new clues by reviewing the regulatory files of this company to get a picture of what is going to be released.

Samsung’s next goal in the smartphone market is to offer models with a rollable screen

Concept designer Jermaine Smith has just shared images of what Samsung’s upcoming phone with a rollable display might look like. This concept design is based on Samsung’s patent certificate in 2020. This patent was finally published in May 2022, and the Korean company currently has dozens of similar patents in this field.

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Samsung’s concept of a smartphone with a rollable display shows how the device’s screen will expand to cover the back panel and display content. Display in larger dimensions. The overall dimensions of this device will be smaller compared to a folding phone, while a larger screen will be available to the user.

It is worth noting that Samsung registers thousands of patents for its possible ideas every year. Filing a patent does not necessarily mean that the final product will eventually be commercially released, so the company may never introduce such a smartphone.

However, it seems that phones with rollable and sliding screens are the next target for brands. It is as big as Samsung. The Samsung Display unit has been actively working on the development of this technology for years. Perhaps this company will surprise us in the long run because with the success it has achieved in the field of folding phones, it is not far from expected to repeat it in a product with a new form factor.

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