The possibility of replacing the Lightning port of the iPhone with USB-C has become stronger

The possibility of replacing the Lightning port of the iPhone with USB-C has become stronger

The possibility of replacing the Lightning port of the iPhone with USB-C has become stronger

Mingchi Ku, a well-known and experienced analyst, announced on May 22 that Apple plans to remove the dedicated Lightning port from iPhone phones next year and replace it with Replace USB-C. The use of the Lightning port in the iPhone has been controversial in recent years, and as Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed, the people of Cupertino will finally change the iPhone port in 2023. Ming-Chi Kuo said that the use of USB-C can In terms of hardware, it improves the speed of transfer and charging on the iPhone, but the support of the iOS operating system for new changes is the main condition for their addition to the iPhone.

By The Verge On May 24, a new report by Bloomberg analyst Mark Garman was published, which confirmed the replacement of the Lightning port with a USB-C port; Of course, Garmin also pointed out that hardware support for using the USB-C port will last until 2023, and the 2022 iPhone series will not come with this change.

This It is not the first time that the addition of a USB-C port to the iPhone is mentioned. In recent years, a number of analysts have said that sooner or later Apple will go to this port. The mobile industry currently relies heavily on USB-C, and Apple also uses this port in many of its products, such as the iPad and Mac.

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Legislators have recently pressured Apple to add a USB-C port to the iPhone. The European Union is considering a proposal that, if passed, would make it mandatory to add a USB-C port to iPhones and other electronic devices. The European Union says this will reduce the amount of e-waste.

Apple has always resisted the idea of ​​adding a USB-C port to the iPhone. Some whistleblowers say that Apple will never add this port to the iPhone and will instead produce an iPhone without the port. Ming-Chi Kuo said last year that Apple has no plans to add USB-C to the iPhone.

For this reason, this replacement is a big change for Apple, which already has a Lightning port. has removed from three iPad Pro, Air and Mini and replaced it with a USB-C port, and now Garmin, referring to the law enacted by the European Union in September 2021 about the necessity of using USB-C ports in smartphones, calls it “the main reason » Apple’s decision to remove the Lightning port. In addition, the use of USB-C can have a faster transfer speed than Lightning. Apple first introduced the Lightning port in 2012 and on the iPhone 5.

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