The possibility of installing the Face ID array under the display in the iPhone 14 became stronger

The possibility of installing the Face ID array under the display in the iPhone 14 became stronger

The possibility of installing the Face ID array under the display in the iPhone 14 became stronger

So far, there have been several rumors of changes in the design language of the iPhone 14 family, and in most of them, it is claimed that the giant of the technology world plans to remove the notch and replace it with a notch after five years. in the form of a hollow cavity; But the question that arises is how Apple will use the Face ID array in the new design? In fact, Face ID is composed of interwoven hardware such as ambient light sensor and proximity detection, infrared camera, projector and illumination sensor in order to recognize the face in the dark. The microphone and the selfie camera have been gathered in a redundant and large cut known as the notch, and naturally, it is not possible to fit all the mentioned sensors in just one small hole; Therefore, Apple has three scenarios ahead: in the first scenario, Coptinois can completely remove the Face ID identification system and replace it with Touch ID; While Apple’s second solution could be to embed sensors under the display, and finally, the use of a large, capsule-shaped cavity could also be the last possible scenario. has chosen the solution and plans to move the Face ID array in iPhone 14 Pro models under the display. It seems that the selfie camera will also be embedded in a small hole. The whistleblower adds that moving the sensors under the display will not harm their performance, and Face ID will continue to be one of the most powerful biometric identification solutions for users.

  • iPhone 14 family probably port They won’t have a SIM card

Overall, it seems that the iPhone 14 family will include significant changes, and it seems that the giant of the iPhone technology world It will discontinue the Mini and replace it with a larger 6.7-inch iPhone model. Probably, the 6.7-inch model will be much more expensive than the mini model due to its larger dimensions; But this model can also be equipped with an LTPO display to support a 120Hz refresh rate. Of course, there are rumors that Apple may use the new design language only in the iPhone 14 Pro models, and this It is possible that the standard models will still use the notch similar to the iPhone 13 to hide Face ID. It is also said that Apple may remove the physical SIM card slot from the iPhone 14 family and only support eSIM.

dylandkt has a fairly good track record of detailing upcoming Apple products. For example, five months before the unveiling of the iPad Pro 2021, he claimed that this product will be equipped with an M1 processor, and recently reported that the MacBook Air 2022 will be the first product to include the next generation of Apple chips with the possible name of M2. will take Of course, there is always a possibility that Apple will present the final product differently from the rumors; Therefore, it is suggested to consider this news as a rumor until the release of official and more reliable news.

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