The possibility of doubling the production of Exynos chips and increasing their use in Samsung products in 2022

The possibility of doubling the production of Exynos chips and increasing their use in Samsung products in 2022

The possibility of doubling the production of Exynos chips and increasing their use in Samsung products in 2022

News unit based on the latest news Published on October 12, 2021 (20 Mehr 1400 ) on the Korean website ETNews, Samsung Electronics’ System LSI division will more than double the supply of Exynos mobile processors next year. Meanwhile, the Korean giant, despite having an international chip production infrastructure, has faced performance problems in recent months and is now seeking to improve its market situation by adopting an aggressive strategy. Although according to reports, Samsung’s new foldable phones have performed exceptionally well compared to the older models, but this alone cannot compensate for the decline in sales of the company’s flagship smartphones.

Samsung Electronics In this program, it seeks a general change in the strategy of supplying parts. So that according to the plans, the use of Exynos chips in Galaxy smartphones will increase from 20% to 50-60%. It seems that in order to increase the production ratio of Exynos processing chipsets, a cooperation agreement has been signed between IT & Mobile Communication and Device Solution, of which System LSI is a sub-category. In this regard, Samsung has started increasing its facilities for testing and packaging partners in order to develop the production of mobile processors. As an example, Hana Micron, a semiconductor testing company, decided to invest 150 billion won in this project at the end of August this year, and Nepes Ark has announced an investment of 99.5 billion won by the end of September 2021.

As you know. Exynos is a proprietary brand of mobile processor manufactured by Samsung. Although this chip is partially supplied to Chinese smartphone manufacturers, its main use is in the Korean company’s own products, especially Galaxy series smartphones. Now, with the increase in the production and usage ratio of this chipset in Galaxy devices, we will soon see an increase in the supply of Exynos mobile processors. Also, according to some market insiders, the problems related to the fifth generation technology and heat generation, which were the main obstacles in front of Exynos chips, have been solved in the next production period.

Samsung’s Exynos chip It was a processor that was once known for being competitive with the products of the top manufacturer in the market, namely Qualcomm. But now, according to one of the research institutes, the share of this Samsung product in the production of other companies has reached single digits in 2019 from the range of 10 to 20 percent.

According to the news, the LSI System division of Samsung to boost the graphics performance of its products with AMD has cooperated and also the problem of heat generation and 5G connection quality have also improved in the meantime. In-yeop Kang, the head of this division of the Korean giant’s business, during an event in January of this year, referring to the next generation of processor chipsets of this company, announced: “The next flagship product is the new generation graphics processor. AMD will be equipped.”

The new processor with the probable name of Exynos 2200, whose graphic part is the result of Samsung and AMD cooperation, will be present in the Galaxy S22 series phones, the next flagship of the Korean super company, according to the plan. According to news sources, this smartphone will be offered in three models, of course, Exynos will be used on all of them. Of course, it is expected that, as usual, in some smartphones (based on the region of supply), Qualcomm’s processing chipset, which is considered a competitor to Exynos, will be used along with Samsung’s proprietary processor.

The strange thing is that the advanced mid-range processor. 1080 with the powerful A78″>Exynos 1080 cores of Samsung is not present in any of the phones of the Galaxy family, while in the products of the company Vivo such as Vivo X70 Pro It is used. This 5 nm product in terms of performance and efficiency with chips such as Snapdragon 780G and Dimensity 1200 Cortex-A78 cores, and in some areas even stronger than them. Now it seems that Samsung has plans to increase the proportion of Exynos use in mid-range and low-end products, and in this way, it tries to expand the use of Exynos and overcome the shortages in the semiconductor market. The Korean company is looking at shipping 320 million units next year, which represents an increase of 50 to 60 million units compared to this year’s volume. However, the company officials have refused to officially confirm these figures.

Besides these things, it is said that the new Exynos processor, which is the result of a joint collaboration between Samsung and AMD, will be produced with the 5nm process. According to rumors, the version that will be used in the Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone is a 2.9 GHz core Cortex X2 , it includes three mid-range cores of 2.8 GHz and four low-level cores with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz, and its graphics processor will have a frequency of 1250 MHz.

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