The Pixel 7 Pro will likely have a much brighter display than the Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 7 Pro will likely have a much brighter display than the Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 7 Pro will likely have a much brighter display than the Pixel 6 Pro

Google presented the Pixel 7 smartphone series at its developer conference in May and plans to officially unveil and offer them this year. According to androidauthority, now A well-known leaker named Mishaal Rahman has revealed the specifications of the phone in He shared on Twitter that the Pixel 7 Pro’s screen will likely be much brighter than the current Pixel 6 Pro.

Rahman made this prediction based on a leaked Pixel 7 report this week on Android Police, which claimed This phone will be equipped with a Samsung S6E3HC4 screen. The current Pixel 6 Pro uses Samsung’s S6E3HC3 panel. As such, this report directly contradicts another possible leak from a few weeks ago that claimed the Pixel 7 series will have the same display technology as the Pixel 6 series.

However, Rahman says that if the new leak is true, The Pixel 7 Pro’s screen brightness should be higher in both normal and maximum brightness modes compared to the Pixel 6 Pro . As for how much higher it will be, based on some code, Rahman speculates that the Pixel 7 Pro’s typical maximum brightness is 600 nits, compared to the Pixel 6 Pro’s typical maximum brightness of 500 nits.

At the maximum brightness level, the Pixel 7 The Pro can reach 1,000 nits, while the Pixel 6 Pro only has 800 nits. Of course, higher brightness levels on the screen can affect the Pixel 7 Pro’s battery life; So we have to see what Google does in this regard.

It goes without saying that Google has not confirmed anything about the brightness or technology of the Pixel 7 Pro screen; Therefore, the authenticity of these items cannot be officially confirmed. However, if true, it could be good news for Google’s next smartphones.

  • Google’s Tensor 2 chip will likely still be weaker than current flagship processors on the market

On the other hand, in a report, the details of the CPU cores used by the GS201 Pixel 7 chip have been published. The second-generation Tensor chip is said to likely still use the eight-core (4+2+2) design seen in the first Tensor, with four low-end cores for simple tasks, two mid-range cores, and two There are high-powered ones that do the bulk of the work.

No details are available regarding the mid-range and high-end cores of Tensor 2; But the Pixel 7 series chips are claimed to use the same Cortex A55 cores for low-level tasks.

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