The official introduction of Samsung Galaxy A42 5G – the end of the mystery of the cheapest fifth generation Samsung

The official introduction of Samsung Galaxy A42 5G – the end of the mystery of the cheapest fifth generation Samsung

The official introduction of Samsung Galaxy A42 5G – the end of the mystery of the cheapest fifth generation Samsung

News unit Not long ago, in the first days of September 2020, the company Samsung, brief information about a new phone named Galaxy A42 5G released, which for the first time in a mid-range 4 series to 5G was equipped. More information and details about Galaxy A51 5G and by looking at the specifications and position of this model in the mid-range market, it can be seen from its competition with popular mid-range models such as Oneplus Nord spoke.

Design and the appearance The Galaxy A42 5G was already specified and this time we are also faced with the same appearance as before, namely a large screen with a U-shaped notch on the top and a patterned stepped color on the back. The length and width of this model are 164.4 and 75.9 mm, respectively, which are good numbers considering the screen size of the device. The thickness of this model is declared to be 8.6 mm, which seems slightly excessive, but comparing it with the 8.7 mm thickness of the Galaxy A51 5G with a weaker 500 mAh battery, shows the successful performance of the A42 designers. This procedure is also repeated in the field of weight and the 11% increase in battery capacity leads to only 3 grams more weight than the A51 5G, and its 190 grams weight will not be too heavy for a large phone.

Dimensions of the screen of the device as before It was also revealed, it is 6.6 inches and its Super AMOLED technology is encouraging news for fans. “Samsung”>Samsung are considered. The negative point about this screen is its clarity, which, contrary to expectations, is apparently not Full HD Plus, and Samsung, without referring to the numbers in this field, calls it HD + has remembered The device’s optical fingerprint sensor is located inside this screen, and in the U-shaped cutout in the upper part, we also find a 20-megapixel fixed-focus camera with f/2.2.

The cameras on the back of the A42 5G, housed in a square-shaped area on the left side, include a 48-megapixel main camera with f/1.8 with autofocus, an 8-megapixel ultrawide camera with f/2.2 and no autofocus, and a 5 megapixels are fixed focus macro with f/2.4 and a 5 megapixel depth of field module also accompanies them. Except for the resolution of the macro camera, this collection has almost no difference with the cameras in OnePlus Nord and shows almost the same conditions.

The most important missing piece in the puzzle A42 5G at the time of its initial unveiling, it belonged to the type of processor of the device, which is guessed and Several assumptions were made in this regard; In A42 5G, the latest mid-range processor from Qualcomm company, i.e. 8 nm chipset Snapdragon 750G has been used, which has been introduced less than 3 weeks, and for the first time the newer ARM Cortex-A77 cores It offers Qualcomm processors to the 7 series. In the more powerful part of this processor, 2 2.2 GHz Kryo 570 cores (based on Cortex-A77) are used, and low-level processing is assigned to 6 1.8 GHz Cortex-A55 cores. The graphics of this processor is Adreno 619 and its Snapdragon X52 modem also supports both fifth generation mmWave and sub-6GHz networks, which is different from Snapdragon 765G does not. The RAM of the phone is 4, 6 or 8 GB and it has 128 GB of internal memory that can be upgraded (up to another 1 TB).

The battery is another important feature of the A42 5G, which makes this model an outstanding example in front of the competitors of this class; In the structure of this model, a bulky battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh is used, which is compared to the A51 5G and its 4,500 mAh battery and OnePlus Nord offers a much higher capacity with a battery of only 4,115 mAh. Of course, the charm of this battery does not continue in the field of charger, and unlike Nord, which uses a 30-watt fast charger, the charger provided with A42 has only 15 watts of power, which probably leaves you waiting for a long time to fill the battery.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G in black, white and gray colors has been released to the British market since November 6 (November 16, 2019) with a price of 349 pounds, and some sources have mentioned its price of 369 euros in European markets.

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