The new iPhone SE does not support 5G millimeter waves

The new iPhone SE does not support 5G millimeter waves

The new iPhone SE does not support 5G millimeter waves

Apple recently launched the new iPhone SE and unveiled its improved; A product equipped with A15 bionic chip, longer battery life, 5G support and other features. Using 5G and a price of $429, the new iPhone SE is now the most affordable Apple product that supports 5G networks. Apple has stated in its explanation that this phone uses a very fast download speed and users can experience online games with a very low delay rate on it.

According to ZDNet, perusing the iPhone SE spec sheet 2022, this device doesn’t seem to support any of the millimeter wave bands. If you are not familiar with this issue, we should mention that 5G networks fall into two categories: 5G below 6 GHz and millimeter waves.

Download speed in 5G equipped phones below 6 GHz compared to 4G networks LTE is more. Of course, the download speed in this type of 5G is not much different from 4G LTE compared to what the operators advertise. Millimeter waves represent the true potential of 5G. These waves offer the possibility of reaching gigabit download speeds and provide the possibility of streaming and online games with extremely high quality and very low latency rates. Now it is clear that Apple’s latest iPhone SE does not support this type of 5G networks.

Although the lack of support for millimeter waves at first glance seems like a setback, but from another perspective, the lack of support for this feature is considered a significant weakness. can’t 5G adoption in the United States still faces challenges. Companies like T-Mobile and Qualcomm have faced problems due to the Corona epidemic; Because some believe that 5G masts can help the spread of the virus more, and for that reason, they destroy the antennas installed in different areas. Another point is that, although millimeter waves offer a very high speed, this technology It has a very high sensitivity. To use the higher frequency, users must be in one of the buildings close to the 5G antenna and there should be no obstacles such as trees or walls between them. This sensitivity has made it much more practical to deploy millimeter wave antennas in dense places such as airports and sports stadiums. However, if the new iPhone SE also supported mmWave, you probably still wouldn’t be able to take advantage of its full benefits.

Another problem with using mmWave 5G is the higher battery consumption. Devices equipped with this technology download and process data at a much faster rate, which is not compatible with the average battery of the iPhone SE 2022.

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  • Finally, the lack of support for millimeter waves is somewhat beneficial to the end consumer. In order to provide 5G capabilities, manufacturers must design their products in such a way that the required network antennas can be placed in them. These antennas are usually embedded as raised lines around the edges of phones or tablets.

    Using more hardware in smartphones gives carriers like Verizon and AT&T a reason to charge more. For example, the unlocked version of Google’s Pixel 6 is sold at a price of $599, while Verizon sells this phone with support for millimeter waves at a price of $699.

    Apple, using the design style of the iPhone 6, succeeded It has once again saved some of the costs of making the new iPhone SE. Although the SE 2022 now benefits from features like 5G, an upgraded A15 chip, and improved camera performance; But the price of this device is only $30 more than its previous model, which was introduced two years ago.

    If the iPhone SE 2022 supported 5G millimeter waves, it was possible that Apple and operators, This product is sold at a higher price. However, the new iPhone SE offers the important features that are offered in Apple’s new iPhones at a much lower price. gives.

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