The new Android malware called BRATA completely erases the phone’s data after stealing it

The new Android malware called BRATA completely erases the phone’s data after stealing it

The new Android malware called BRATA completely erases the phone’s data after stealing it

You probably know that Android is the most popular operating system in the world with the most users. This huge volume of users makes Android a favorite of cybercriminals; Because we have seen many times, this platform has faced many attacks with different success rates. One of the more difficult malware to remove is called BRATA, which is a remote access Trojan that has been used to steal banking information in the past. Now the updated version of this malware has been discovered, which has several new features; including wiping all data on your cell phone after it’s stolen.

Computer security company Cleafy via Bleeping Computer has published a report detailing how the new BRATA variant works. In short, this malware has been updated to prevent antivirus scans, log and factory reset of the phone. There are different versions of BRATA for different users, with one targeting bank users in the UK, Poland, Italy, Spain, China and Latin America.

BRATA Type A adds GPS tracking and factory reset, and Type B adds these features plus more sophisticated code. And it has overlay pages for some specific banks to record user login details. The solution that puts this malware on your phone is possible in BRATA type C and by using the main program installation, which has the ability to install the second program containing the malware.

The best solution To avoid being infected with this malware, be vigilant about giving access and especially giving admin access to programs. BRATA uses the given access to see what is on your phone’s screen; including screenshots and trace of touching and pressing buttons. However, the biggest change is the introduction of a new feature to remotely factory reset the phone, which is apparently implemented after a user’s information, especially bank information, is stolen. Also, this command is executed when BRATA suspects its execution in the virtual environment; However, this only happens when the user has given admin access to this malware on the phone.

There is a lot of malware on the Internet that can potentially infect your smartphone, and the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to be careful about installing apps. Usually, the smart solution to avoid getting caught by this malware is to never give any apps access or admin permissions and only install them through reputable app stores; Of course, you should be careful when installing apps from the Google Play Store and even the Apple App Store.

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