The main reason behind the MacBook Pro keyboard design change was revealed in one of Apple’s internal documents

The main reason behind the MacBook Pro keyboard design change was revealed in one of Apple’s internal documents

The main reason behind the MacBook Pro keyboard design change was revealed in one of Apple’s internal documents

Apple, in one of the company’s internal documents, which has been provided to authorized Apple service providers, clearly explains the reason for changing the design of the keyboard. has explained the new MacBook Pro.

As you know, the keyboard design of Macbook and MacBook Pro Apple had created many problems for some users with keys with low depth and based on Butterfly mechanism. Originally, the shallow depth of the keys meant that the performance of the keyboard would be impaired when dust or small particles settled on the underside of the keys. Many users faced this problem. In March 2016, it was revealed that Apple’s MacBook will be equipped with a dust-resistant keyboard. a

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Last week saw the introduction of Apple Macbook Pro 13 and 15 inches with 8th generation Intel processor and quieter keyboard. On the day of the unveiling and after, the only explanation that About the keyboard of the new generation MacBook Pro, it was that it is silent and has a new design. Apple made no mention of a design change to fix the keyboard sticking issue. Until the website iFixit published a report about the new MacBook Pro. Apparently, after opening the MacBook Pro keyboard, they noticed changes in its design and Macbook Pro 2018 Apple keyboard prevents dust penetration with a silicone membrane. It is interesting that Apple was silent all this time about the use of silicone membrane and new design to solve the problem of dust and small particles getting stuck under the keys.

But now, in an internal document sent to authorized service providers, Apple clearly explains the new MacBook Pro keyboard design change. In part of the text of this internal document, we read:

For each of the new MacBook Pro keyboard keys, a silicone membrane has been used to prevent dust and small particles from penetrating under the keys and users entering the mechanism. Don’t be a butterfly. Changing the design of old keyboard models prevents the problem of keys getting stuck.

Apple, on the day of the introduction of the new MacBook Pro, had only mentioned the quieter keyboard of its new product, and if the website iFixit had not published its report, maybe No one noticed the change in keyboard design and the use of silicone membrane. It’s clear that Apple didn’t want to publicize the problem with its previous keyboards. The official design of the problem with the keyboards of the previous models will undoubtedly damage the credibility of the MacBook and MacBook Pro 12 inches, and Apple is aware of this issue. For this reason, he preferred to only mention the quieter keyboard keys while typing and not to go into more details. It is convenient, but some people believe that since some keys may get stuck, typing with the previous generation keyboard is not reliable at all and can end up giving the user a text with many typos. Sometimes the keys get stuck and sometimes some letters are not typed or even some letters may be typed twice. Of course, no one likes text with lots of typos.

When the problem of MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards came up, Apple considered a service to replace the problematic keys or even replace the entire keyboard for its users. With the introduction of the third generation and new MacBook Pro keyboard, some users who had problems with the old keyboard laptops hoped to be able to replace the old keyboard with the new generation keyboard, but It was later revealed that Apple designed the third-gen keyboard exclusively for the 2018 MacBook Pro. And it is not possible to install it on the old MacBook and MacBook Pro.

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