The MacBook Pro M2 will arrive without the promotional display

The MacBook Pro M2 will arrive without the promotional display

The MacBook Pro M2 will arrive without the promotional display

Mark German, the well-known whistleblower of the mobile industry, in the latest part of his predictions, spoke about the MacBook Pro, which is weaker than the MacBook Pro of last year; But it uses the new M2 chip.

By 9to5Mac, Apple launched the most powerful MacBook Pro ever last year, and now it seems that it is preparing to To provide a “low-end” model of this premium laptop to customers. This model of MacBook Pro is probably a replacement for Macbook Pro M1 2020 will be.

will use In addition, he announces the removal of the touch bar in the new MacBook Pro.

According to Garman, Apple’s new MacBook Pro will benefit from an LCD screen, which means that there will be no mini LED or promotion technology. Rumors have previously said that Apple will release a model of the MacBook Air in 2022, which will probably have a mini LED display; But there will still be no promotion.

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According to the rumors, Apple It plans to use the unannounced M2 processor in the new 24-inch iMac and the new model Mac Mini and the new model Macbook Air as well take advantage All these products will be available to customers before the end of this year. Considering that Apple has almost completed its two-year migration from Intel processors to proprietary processors, over time we will see Cupertinos focus more on proprietary chips.

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