The LG Rollable Phone was seen in a video

The LG Rollable Phone was seen in a video

The LG Rollable Phone was seen in a video

LG left hints of a rollable phone design before exiting the smartphone industry in 2021 (1400) and now according to a report cnet LG’s rumored rollable phone It has been seen in a video.

The Korean company LG has been out of the smartphone industry for a year; But before leaving, he left a big secret: a rollable phone that he showed a teaser of at the CES 2021 event. Now a video has been published on YouTube that shows the actual manufactured example of this phone.

LG’s rollable phone was first shown at the company’s press conference at the CES 2021 event and showed that the phone’s screen is slowly expanding. The widening of the screen was so smooth and without problems that the sense of special effects was conveyed. However, this is the name that news outlets have guessed for the phone.

LG’s rollable phone seen in the YouTube video looks very real, and the screen seems to respond to touch commands as well. In addition, the reflection of the environment in the video images, as experts point out, strengthen the possibility that the video is real.

However, it is still difficult to talk about the practicality of this version of the LG rollable phone; Because this video might just show a prototype of the product with an active display or it could be a ready-to-market version.

  • LG Rollable; The possible name of the LG rollable phone
  • LG Rollable before The cancellation had gone through many stages of production. But none of them are used. In addition, special software is not visible except for the main screen. Considering that LG probably planned to introduce its rollable phone in 2021 (1400), this video shows the closest product to the final version. It should be noted that until the writing of this article, LG has not yet responded to the official questions of news agencies.What is your opinion, EMGblog users, about the possibility of LG’s powerful return to the mobile phone market with the innovation of a rollable phone?
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