The latest 2021 Lenovo tablets were introduced with Qualcomm and MediaTek processors

The latest 2021 Lenovo tablets were introduced with Qualcomm and MediaTek processors

The latest 2021 Lenovo tablets were introduced with Qualcomm and MediaTek processors

Today the latest 2021 Lenovo tablets were unveiled in the global market. Without preliminaries, we will introduce these products and present their specifications. Stay with us.

Lenovo 2021 tablets

The Chinese company Lenovo today announced its 5 new tablets unveiled. These products include Yoga Tab 13, 11, P11 Plus, Tab M8 and M7.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

This tablet, which was unveiled in China just a month ago, The market of this country is sold under the name Yoga Tab Peru. The Yoga Tab 13 uses a 13-inch 2K display that Lenovo claims is more efficient and less reflective than LCDs. The brightness of this display was 400 nits and it covers 100% of the sRGB color space. This display also supports Dolby Vision HDR.

Lenovo unveiled the Yoga Pad Pro 13 tablet with a micro-HDMI port and a rotating base

The beating heart of this tablet is the Snapdragon 870 chipset which is accompanied by 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM memory. Yoga Tab 13 can be connected to a laptop or game console through a micro-HDMI to USB cable and use it as a display.

This tablet has speakers JBL quadruple with Dolby Atmos technology and the lower sound chamber of the device can provide bass sound up to 450 Hz for a more impressive sound effect. Lenovo has said that this tablet has the ability to stream for up to 12 hours and has an 8-megapixel selfie camera for making video calls.

Thanks to the Yoga Tab 13’s stainless steel base, you can position the device any way you want. This includes standing it up to hanging it anywhere. Yoga Tab 13 is also compatible with Lenovo Precision Pen 2.2, but you have to buy it separately to use it.

Lenovo’s new tablet will be available in Shadow Black color and Alcantara cover. The price of this device in the American market is 680 dollars, which is much higher than the price that Lenovo has set for the Chinese market.

Yoga Tab 11 and P11 Plus

The second member of the new Lenovo family uses an 11-inch 2K IPS display that is equipped with the TÜV Rheinland standard for eye protection and Dolby Vision. Lenovo has used Mediatek HelioTM G90T chipset for Yoga Tab 11.

Yoga Tab 11 supports the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 and has a base. An LTE version of this tablet will also be available to support a SIM card, of course, to use it in USA, you have to go to the registry first. In any case, for more durability and resistance to heat, Lenovo has considered a soft body with resistance for this tablet. Yoga Tab 11 will go on the market from mid-summer with a price of 320 dollars.


Tab P11 Plus also uses the same MediaTek chipset with 6 GB of RAM. The screen of this device is 11 inches with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 and 4 speakers with Dolby Atmos technology are also intended for it.

with Intensive use of this tablet, according to Lenovo’s claim, its battery will last up to 12 hours. P11 Plus also supports keyboard. The price of this tablet is 260 dollars and it will go to the market from August.

Tab M7 and Tab M8 tablets

Lenovo In addition to the three mentioned tablets, it unveiled the third generation of its Android tablets Tab M8 and Tab M7. M8 and M7 are special versions that are optimized with Google’s smart assistant and the possibility of smart charging is considered for them. In addition, Lenovo has said that these devices can be a suitable option for controlling smart home appliances.

Tab M7 uses a 4-core processor, a 7-inch IPS display and an all-metal body. The M8 processor is an octa-core one, and it has 3 GB of RAM and an 8-inch screen.

Lenovo’s budget tablets will have a variety of memories, and their base price starts at $110. The M7 will hit the market next month, but the M8 will be released later in late 2020.

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