The iPhone 14 Max is several weeks behind schedule

The iPhone 14 Max is several weeks behind schedule

The iPhone 14 Max is several weeks behind schedule

According to the report MacRumors and quoted byJeff Po, an analyst at Haitong International Securities, is currently producing coronavirus, the production of at least one of the models of the The iPhone 14 is three weeks behind schedule.

At the time, Nikkei Asia sources did not mention the exact name of the phone. . Now Jeff Poe, the well-known whistleblower of the technology world, says that the device in question is the iPhone 14 Max. This year, Apple plans to replace the iPhone Max with the iPhone Mini, so that people who are looking for a 6.7-inch iPhone; But they don’t have the power to buy the Pro Max model, they should have a suitable option available.

Jeff Po clearly says that one of the main reasons for this situation is the stoppage of the production process at the Pegatron factory due to the shutdown in Shanghai. Mass production of the iPhone 14 Max will not start until the end of August 2022 (early September 1401). This means that mass production of the iPhone 14 Max will begin just a few weeks before the official unveiling of this device at the much-anticipated Apple event. Currently, whistleblowers say that all four models of the iPhone 14 series are undergoing validation testing. are engineering (EVT). Every year, Apple’s iPhones usually exit the EVT phase and enter the next phase by the end of June (approximately mid-June). Nikkei Asia sources say that in the production process of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro andiPhone 14 Pro Max There is no change and these devices will be available weeks before the iPhone 14 Max, at the beginning of the month August 2022 (mid-August 1401), they will enter the stage of mass production.

It is currently unclear whether the current situation will delay the release of the iPhone 14 Max or not. iPhone 14 Max may be released at the same time as other models; But Apple has to deal with the lack of inventory of this device at first. Apparently, Apple has told its suppliers to speed up the production process to minimize the effects of this situation. Earlier this month, Apple was said to have requested Foxconn to start hiring new workers due to concerns over the recent shutdowns in China so that the assembly process of various iPhone 14 models could begin earlier than usual.

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New report with Mingchi Kuo’s reaction, the familiar parser, has been encountered. Ming-Chi Kuo says that despite the shutdowns in China, Apple has not changed its initial plans for the release of the iPhone 14. This analyst has also confirmed that the iPhone 14 Max is behind schedule; Conditions are under control and suppliers can adapt to new conditions by increasing working hours. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the problems of the iPhone 14 family will be related to demand rather than supply.

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