The good feeling of being Sony!: Sony Xperia Z2 tablet at first glance (exclusive images)

The good feeling of being Sony!: Sony Xperia Z2 tablet at first glance (exclusive images)

The good feeling of being Sony!: Sony Xperia Z2 tablet at first glance (exclusive images)

One of the good products of 2014 that we were impatiently waiting for is Sony’s new tablet called Xperia Tablet Z 2, which was officially launched some time ago in USA was introduced with the Sony Xperia Z2 mobile phone. Both products in Sony press conference in USA They managed to attract attention well, but their presence in the market has been delayed a little. Now we are one of the lucky users who have been able to get hold of the first sample of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z 2 tablet and check it closely. The design and elegance of this tablet made a very good impression on us the moment we arrived, and we decided to share this good experience with you in the form of a picture.

Sony tablet uses the same usual packaging and is very simple. But from the moment you see the tablet, you will fall in love with its very beautiful design, very thin thickness and light weight. This tablet is next to Xperia Z2 from uses a dedicated noise cancellation system, but unfortunately the sample we received does not have a special noise cancellation headset. This tablet supports Android 4.4.2 operating system and uses Sony’s improved user interface.

This tablet is waterproof and dustproof (IP58 standard) and it is designed with the same style and style as usual of Sony (that is, OmniBalance design philosophy).

SIM card, memory card and microUSB connector are covered with waterproof and dustproof covers. This tablet supports the fourth generation of telecommunication networks. In addition, you can see the IR transmitter in this photo.

The camera has no flash and has an image resolution of eight megapixels. This camera has good quality as a tablet camera. HDR photography and Full HD video recording are features of this camera.

The thickness is 6.4 mm, next to the weight of 439 grams, there is nothing left to say. It doesn’t!

Sony still uses TFT panel display in tablets. The resolution of the image is 1200×1920 pixels and the quality of the colors is very good.

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