The Galaxy S22 Ultra camera will record higher quality images using artificial intelligence

The Galaxy S22 Ultra camera will record higher quality images using artificial intelligence

The Galaxy S22 Ultra camera will record higher quality images using artificial intelligence

Samsung is expected to once again use a 108-megapixel camera instead of increasing the number of megapixels on the Galaxy S22 Ultra; Of course, Samsung’s next high-end flagship will be equipped with an improved version of the 108-megapixel sensor called HM3. The Korean giant of the technology world unveiled its new 200-megapixel camera for smartphones some time ago, and according to reports, Motorola will be the first company to use this sensor in its products.

According to PhoneArena, Ice Universe, one of the well-known technology news loaders says the camera system The Galaxy S22 Ultra will rely heavily on artificial intelligence. This phone will probably be equipped with a camera similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra; But as previously reported, three of the four cameras will use new sensors. According to Ice Universe, most of Samsung’s focus in the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera will be on the software side.

It was previously reported that Samsung will use an improved version of its 108-megapixel camera in the Galaxy S22 Ultra; A camera that will record more details than the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera. A Korean publication also announced that the next generation of Samsung’s high-end flagship will use a feature similar to macro mode called Detail Environment, which is intended for the main camera. Ice Universe noted some time later that the new 108MP camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra can capture images with better color and brightness than before, and now more details are available.

Apparently, the Koreans have a new mode. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will offer 108 megapixels, which will increase image quality using artificial intelligence. It is the third year in a row that Samsung has used a 108MP camera in its high-end flagships, and the company’s new camera could make the Galaxy S22 Ultra one of the best smartphones of 2022 in terms of image quality.

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New button in 108 photo mode The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s megapixels have been added at the bottom of the screen, which will enhance image details with artificial intelligence. After activating this option, your photos will be recorded with better details and colors than the normal 108 megapixel photography mode.

According to recent reports, the video quality of the Galaxy S22 Ultra has also improved compared to the previous model. . Ice Universe says that Samsung will probably equip the Samsung Galaxy S23 with its new 200-megapixel camera instead of the Galaxy S22.

According to the rumors and reports available so far, Samsung is expected to officially introduce the Galaxy S22 series in February 2022.

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