The Galaxy S22 FE is probably not coming this year

The Galaxy S22 FE is probably not coming this year

The Galaxy S22 FE is probably not coming this year

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which was released in 2020, was able to achieve considerable success in the market. However, we did not see such an issue with the Galaxy S21 FE. One of the reasons for the drop in sales of the Galaxy S21 FE was the late release of the device. According to PhoneArena And according to one of the whistleblowers, a similar fate is probably waiting for the Galaxy S22 FE (Samsung Galaxy S21 FE).

Earlier, one of the whistleblowers claimed that the Galaxy S22 FE is not going to be released this year, and now that A new rumor has surfaced, it seems that Samsung really has such a plan in mind. It is said that the Koreans have not yet started the firmware development process for the next generation of FE series devices.

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Also, it is said that Samsung has not yet decided which processor will be used in the phone. use. Some rumors point to the use of a MediaTek processor in the Galaxy S22 FE, while others say that Samsung will use Exynos series chips.

It is too early to speculate on the release date of the Galaxy S22 FE. Considering the drop in sales of S21 FE, there is even a possibility of canceling the production of S22 FE.

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