The future of 5G from the perspective of prominent brands in the mobile world

The future of 5G from the perspective of prominent brands in the mobile world

The future of 5G from the perspective of prominent brands in the mobile world

News unit Qualcomm last week during the annual meeting of Tech Summit, from new mobile chipsets Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765 unveiled, which, apart from new processing and graphic features, to They are specifically focused on 5G communication technology. In the meantime, Snapdragon 765 and its G version counterpart took the title of Qualcomm’s first mobile platforms with an internal 5G modem, and therefore, it is likely that many mid-range phones with this communication capability will be released to the market next year. During this event, some of the most important companies active in this field also spoke about their future plans for 5G, which we will review below.

– Verizon

Nicki Palmer, the head of the product development department at Verizon operator, in this connection mentioned the key role of Qualcomm in helping to advance the 5G ecosystem at the global level and the newly announced plans of this company in the field of related modules. He expressed satisfaction with mobile platforms. “Qualcomm’s Tech Summit [event] is a great place for ecosystem partners to collaborate and collaborate, and for [operator] Verizon [is a place to] share our vision of where 5G will have the greatest impact,” Palmer added. He will leave for society.”

– Lenovo and Motorola

Sergio Buniac, CEO of Motorola also expressing the views of his company and the parent company Lenovo (franchisee of the Motorola brand) has addressed this issue and has considered 5G technology as one of the focus points in the entire Lenovo collection, from network infrastructure to users’ personal devices, to the point where, according to its CEO, this brand is the first company to have a It introduced a 5G smartphone (though not independently, but with the help of Moto Mods) and previewed a fifth-generation PC. “As a mobile arm, Motorola will continue to lead the 5G era with a broad portfolio of 5G solutions in 2020 – driven by the advanced Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 865 mobile platforms,” ​​Buniak added. Gives; [which] leads to re-strengthening our position in the category of advanced flagships.”

Motorola 5G smartphones

– Xiaomi

Bin Lin, vice president and founder of Xiaomi considers the 5G era to open up new opportunities and challenges for users, where the innovations arising from this technology redefine the way people interact with devices and in audio and video applications. The new generation of what Bin Lin defines as super Internet or Super Internet is a completely new example with the combination of 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which Xiaomi has been at the forefront of and will offer 5G smartphones to the public on this basis. Lin continued: “Xiaomi is proud to announce [that] we have launched our flagship Mi 10 – one of the first smartphones equipped with the flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 865 is– we will introduce it in the first quarter of 2020.”

Redmi K30 5G

– Oppo

Alen Wu, senior vice president and head of the global sales department of Oppo began his speech by noting Oppo’s close and strong relationship with Qualcomm, which has made his company a part of Qualcomm’s global business plan today. According to this senior manager of Oppo, the company will introduce the first high-capacity product equipped with the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform in the first quarter of 2020, which will provide users with a superior and faster experience from 5G technology. Wu continues: “In the era of 5G and intelligent communication, OPPO will continue to invest in 5G products, research, standard development and application scenarios [in cooperation] with Qualcomm and other partners in the industry to bring more value and possibilities of 5G to the world.” users around the world continues.”

Oppo Reno 5G

– HMD and Nokia

Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer at HMD, said of the company’s future plans: “Our top priority for 2020 is to make 5G [technology] more accessible by providing an experience 5G is cheap but still advanced and futuristic for the best possible performance on NSA and SA networks with the Snapdragon 765 mobile platform.” “Snapdragon 765 is not only a great mobile platform for the best 5G connectivity, [it also] will allow us to deliver successful advanced entertainment capabilities combined with PureDisplay technology and power imaging solutions,” added Cervicas. From our exclusive ZEISS to offer; [which] will enable fans [of the brand] to create and share content through 5G.”

Cervicas also expressed his satisfaction with the introduction and presentation of Qualcomm’s modular Snapdragon platform and mentions this initiative as a factor for manufacturers to have more access to 5G technology. Therefore, according to the statements of Yoho Cervicas and his emphasis on the Snapdragon 765 mobile platform in products with a reasonable price, we can be sure that there is no real flagship with the SD865 processor in the Nokia spoke at least in the near future.

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