The first real images of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 have been revealed

The first real images of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 have been revealed

The first real images of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 have been revealed

Samsung last year launched its folding phone equipped with a clamshell hinge with a larger external display and a different camera arrangement. Earlier, it was said that the changes of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are much less. It will be from the previous generation; A topic that is confirmed by the rumors published today. [email protected] recently on Twitter has released real images of Galaxy Z Flip 4 Gray. The device has the same design as the previous generation and the size of the internal screen will be the same as the previous 6.7 inches. In the center of the screen, however, there will be no more folding, and it seems that Samsung has made every effort to prepare a more integrated display for Flip 4. Reducing the fold line of the display earlier in the published information of Galaxy Z Fold 4 was also mentioned.

  • Samsung reduces the folding of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen

Of course, the central fold of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 display can still be seen by shining light, but the depression around it has almost completely disappeared; So it doesn’t seem to be a problem for users.

Following previous rumors, the bezels of the display have also been reduced a bit and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a narrower hinge, but the narrowing of the hinge doesn’t seem to make a functional change to the device’s performance. ; Because the distance between the screen when the device is closed is still the same as before.

At first glance, the external display of Galaxy Z Flip 4 has not changed either; But according to [email protected] the dimensions of the display have increased slightly. The Koreans have replaced their 1.9-inch Galaxy Fold panel with a 2.1-inch model.

The volume buttons and the integrated fingerprint sensor with the lock button are still on the right edge, and the camera specifications remain unchanged. Was. Therefore, we will still see two 12-megapixel cameras with a vertical arrangement in the upper half of the device. Like the previous generation, glass and metal are used in the construction of the device body. The 10-megapixel selfie camera will still be located in a circular hole with a similar diameter, which was always considered one of the Achilles heels of the previous model due to its low quality.

But one of the other big changes related to Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the increase in volume and speed charging battery pointed out. So that according to [email protected] battery capacity from 3300 to 3700 and charger speed It will also be upgraded from 15 to 25 watts. The possibility of 10-watt wireless charging and 4.5-watt reverse charging will still be available. Therefore, one of the biggest concerns about Samsung’s foldable Galaxy, namely its battery life, will be solved.

The Koreans will bring the Galaxy Z Flip 4 with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and 512 GB of internal memory. It is possible that the new Galaxy of the Korean giant will be unveiled on July 19 (August 10) along with Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Watch 5.

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