The European Union’s effort to harmonize the charger of smart devices – forcing Apple to use USB-C?

The European Union’s effort to harmonize the charger of smart devices – forcing Apple to use USB-C?

The European Union’s effort to harmonize the charger of smart devices – forcing Apple to use USB-C?

News unit according to Recent Reuters report, the European Union’s long-term plan to harmonize chargers for phones and other smart devices, has been officially presented and may become regulations in the future. Despite the various arguments of companies such as Apple against the legal standardization of chargers, the European Union is developing a law in this field. Managers of this area believe that the existence of a common standard will reduce electronic waste. However, Apple considers such a standard to be the reason for the increase in electronic waste. One of the news sources close to the European Commission has announced the possibility of passing this law within the next month and its requirement for the 27 member states of the Union.

This action will affect the performance of the iPhone manufacturer from a commercial point of view. Because Lightning cable is used in most Apple portable products, while Android devices usually come with They are charged using USB-C connection.

According to a research conducted in the European Union in 2019, about half of the chargers included with smart devices that were presented in this region in 2018 used the USB micro-B port. Also, 29% of these products use USB-C technology and the remaining 21% rely on Lightning connection to charge the device. In addition, in this research, 5 different options were proposed based on the ports of smart devices and adapter ports for common chargers.

European Parliament lawmakers last year citing environmental benefits and the convenience of most users, they voted in favor of using a common framework for charging mobile devices. In this regard, the companies Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia previously and in 2011, they had signed a voluntary memorandum to harmonize the charger of new smartphone models, which It was supposed to lead to a significant reduction of different chargers and the convergence of the market towards the use of USB 2.0 micro-B connection. But due to the failure of this project, the European Union has come to believe that if companies do not do this voluntarily, they should be forced to do so by legal requirements.

Apple stopped providing adapters with iPhone phones in 2020. However, the main difficulty of the American super company is that they use the proprietary Lightning connector for many of their products. But it looks like the EU will force companies to use USB-C, which is usually offered by manufacturers other than Apple.

This issue was also at the center of discussions in 2018, and industry activists and the European Commission tried to reach a final conclusion and pass the law in this field, which, of course, was not very successful.

At the time, Apple warned in response to this news that the European Union’s pressure to use a common charger would harm innovative activities and create a mountain of electronic waste if consumers were forced to use new chargers. will be created. The Cupertino giant also considers the adoption of this law unnecessary, since a large part of smartphone manufacturers have already switched to using the USB-C connection.

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