The European Union will mandate the use of a common USB-C charger for all phones from 2024

The European Union will mandate the use of a common USB-C charger for all phones from 2024

The European Union will mandate the use of a common USB-C charger for all phones from 2024

Report to androidauthority European lawmakers today reached an agreement that will require all phones, tablets and cameras sold in the region to share a USB-C charging port. The new rule will also apply to Apple iPhones that currently use the Lightning port for charging.

According to the revised rules, all future smartphones sold in the EU, including iPhones, will have to use the port for charging by the fall of 2024. Need USB-C for charging. Thus, consumers will no longer need a different charger and cable every time they buy a new device, and can use one charger for all small and medium-sized portable electronic devices. However, the rules will only apply to devices that are charged via a wired cable. We have made the common charger a reality in Europe! European consumers have long resented the pile-up of different chargers with each new device. Now they can use one charger for all their portable electronic devices.

In this rule, laptops, e-readers, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, and portable devices are also included in addition to smartphones, tablets, cameras Digital, handheld video game consoles and portable speakers are also included. We’ve also added provisions for wireless charging, which is the next evolution in charging technology, and improved information and labeling for consumers.

Buyers will be provided with clear information about the charging features of new devices, Agnes Saliba added. This will make it easier for them to see if their current chargers are compatible. Additionally, they can choose whether they want to buy new phones with chargers or without chargers. It is not yet clear whether manufacturers will be required to have both packaging options in Europe or whether they will be required to provide the charger in the box if buyers so desire.


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These commitments will lead to more reuse of chargers and help consumers save 250 million euros annually on unnecessary charger purchases. The European Parliament noted in a press release that discarded and unused chargers are expected to generate about 11,000 tons of electronic waste annually.

Finally, we should also point out that the new EU rules for products without USB ports C marketed before the date of the agreement does not apply.

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