The design of iPhone SE 2024 will probably change a lot

The design of iPhone SE 2024 will probably change a lot

The design of iPhone SE 2024 will probably change a lot

While the 2022 iPhone SE is expected to retain the same design as the 2020 version, Apple is not going to be limited in terms of aesthetics to the previous model. According to the contents published so far, the cheap phone of this company will get a new look. Meanwhile, a tech insider says we’ll have to wait until 2024 to see the new SE.

According to wccftech, Apple used iPhone 8 design for iPhone SE 2020 and according to Dylan in Twitter, the tech giant is expected to follow the same strategy with a slight change. It is rumored that instead of reusing the iPhone 8 chassis, Apple will use the iPhone XR or iPhone 11 body. Of course, this whistleblower mentions that its screen size will be a little smaller compared to the mentioned phones that had 6.1 inch screens.

Translation: The next-generation iPhone SE will be equipped with a Touch ID sensor, similar to the latest iPad Air has a built-in power button. The design of this phone will be similar to the iPhone 11, but with a smaller screen size. #iPhoneSE3

*Update this tweet!* The iPhone SE, with a design similar to the XR/11 with a slightly smaller screen size, has been pushed back to 2024. Instead, for 2022, Apple will launch iPhone SE with 5G. Its specifications and design will be similar to the 2020 model.

This means that the iPhone SE 2024 could have a notch on its screen. Also, we will probably see Face ID, support for Qi wireless charging, a bigger battery, etc. The said whistleblower has also mentioned the support of 5G; But he did not say whether the base band chip is provided by Qualcomm or whether Apple started to produce it. Since, according to reports, Apple will use its own 5G modems in the 2023 iPhone series, we might see the use of Apple’s internal solution in its low-cost option.

  • The possibility of embedding the Face ID array under the screen in iPhone 14 gets stronger

A separate rumor that was published earlier in 2021 stated that the iPhone SE 2022 will have a design similar to the iPhone XR; However, the fingerprint sensor is embedded on the side.

This rumor was not sure if Face ID will be used in the new generation of affordable Apple phones or not; Because it should be made in terms of cost savings. However, if the Cupertinos decide to add the mentioned option to the budget iPhone and at the same time change the design, it would be a very good idea. Apply iPhone SE 2024; Therefore, we recommend that you do not rely entirely on this information. We have to wait more to see what product Apple will prepare for its fans.

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