The benchmark score of Intel 8700K processor was revealed

The benchmark score of Intel 8700K processor was revealed

The benchmark score of Intel 8700K processor was revealed

The next generation of Intel processors, codenamed Coffee Lake, will enter the market on October 5. On paper, Intel had announced the release date of August 22; But the actual release date of these products will be October 5th. As you know, for the first time, Intel will increase the number of cores in its high-end processors from 4 to 6. Also, Core i3 processors will increase from 2 cores to 4 cores. As the release date of these products approaches, more information about the new processors will be released. The latest news indicates the disclosure of the benchmark score of these processors in the Geekbench software and on the Z370 VGA motherboard.

8700K processor score in the Geekbench software

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Benchmark information indicates that this processor on September 8 and using the Windows 10 operating system has been tested. The single-core score of this processor is 5773 and its multi-core score is 24260. Fortunately, Geekbench servers are open for users to view the results. In thislinkYou can see the benchmark result of 8700K processor. Compared to the 4-core processor of the previous generation, the 4770K, which scored 5724 in the single-core test, the results are similar. But in the multi-core benchmark, the score of the 8700K processor is equal to 24,260 against 18,779 of the older processor. Of course, the main reason for this score difference is because of the more cores of the newer processor.

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