The base model of the Galaxy Tab S8 comes without an AMOLED display

The base model of the Galaxy Tab S8 comes without an AMOLED display

The base model of the Galaxy Tab S8 comes without an AMOLED display

Perhaps among the big companies, Samsung is the only one that still pays special attention to Android tablets. For this reason, it is expected that this company will soon unveil the Galaxy Tab S8 series of tablets. The production line of this new product will include three models, which according to the published information of the base model of the Galaxy Tab S8, unlike the other two models, will not use an AMOLED display. This may seem a bit disappointing at first, but Samsung also has its own reasons for this decision.

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Sudden removal of the AMOLED screen

It has been known for some time that the smallest member of the Galaxy Tab S8 family will come with an 11-inch screen. Previously, it was thought that the entire Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra series would come with an AMOLED panel, as it was done in the Galaxy Tab S7 series. But now, according to SAM one of the whistleblowers Technology, the 11-inch tablet will come with a TFT screen with 1600*2560 resolution.

Compensating for the lack of high-resolution AMOLED

Although Samsung plans to use a TFT display in the base model of its tablet, they want a high-resolution image that increases brightness and color accuracy. It is possible to compensate for this deficiency. However, one cannot expect the level of brightness and color accuracy that is available due to the AMOLED display in the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra models.

However, it should be noted that AMOLED technology is still much more expensive compared to TFT, so it seems that Samsung is planning to reduce the price of the base model Galaxy Tab S8 for some reason or maybe It is only trying to keep its price stable. But the positive thing about the basic model is the support for the S Pen pen, which can give a good credit to this product. Besides, by reducing the delay in the response of the pen, from 26 milliseconds in the previous model to only 9 milliseconds, we can expect very high performance from it.

Unfortunately, not using an AMOLED screen is Samsung’s only attempt to There has been no cost reduction. Previously, there were reports that Samsung decided to remove the charger from all three Galaxy Tab S8 models. Of course, Samsung has tried to compensate for these shortcomings with its special pen. However, it is not yet clear what frame rate these displays will support, which will be determined soon due to the upcoming event Galaxy Unpacked 2022.

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