Tecno introduced the world’s first telescopic macro lens for phones

Tecno introduced the world’s first telescopic macro lens for phones

Tecno introduced the world’s first telescopic macro lens for phones

Tecno Mobile is a mobile phone manufacturer known as Tecno, which has been operating since 2006. ; This holding provides research, development, production, sales and services of mobile communication products in an integrated manner and considers itself committed to providing satisfactory solutions in the field of mobile communication. Tecno released a teaser of its upcoming macro-telescopic lens for phones in December 2021 (Azer 1400) and announced that it will introduce its concept phone with this new lens in the first quarter of 2022 (Winter 1400).

According to gsmarena, the Chinese holding has yet to introduce its concept phone, but today January 10, 2022 (D19, 1400) unveiled its macro telescopic lens.

Techno telescopic macro lens has a compact focal length (BFL) design Motorized stretch lenses are equipped to provide larger apertures and smoother zooms without loss of quality. According to Tekno, this lens not only dramatically improves the quality of macro photos in phones, but also provides a pleasant photography experience for the user.

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Techno’s new lens is a macro-telephoto lens that comes out of the phone’s body and allows the user to take pictures without having to get too close. Take macro photos from subject to subject. Tecno claims that due to the 5x optical zoom of the telescopic macro lens, it can even be compared to the main phone camera; Tecno macro lens is considered the world’s first telescopic macro lens for phones.

Techno macro lens provides the user with a large aperture for better photography, it has a completely compact design and does not require a large space to be placed in the phone. . Tecno has not yet specified more details about its new lens and the exact time of its release.

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