Surface Book was seen in black version

Surface Book was seen in black version

Surface Book was seen in black version

Three months ago, Microsoft replaced the Surface Pro 4, which was released in October 2015, with a new Surface Pro tablet. . The important feature of Surface Pro is the use of 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors instead of 6th generation Skylake in the 4 Surface series. But apparently the new generation Surface Book is also being produced. To date, Microsoft has not offered a complete replacement for the Surface Book, which was introduced two years ago alongside the Surface Pro 4. Just last year, it released a redesigned Surface Book with a previous processor and better hardware, the important features of which were upgraded graphics and longer battery life; But considering the staggering price of this product up to 3299 dollars, using the previous generation processor lowers the purchase value of this device. Recently, Intel unveiled the first series of 8th generation core series processors and to introduce Some of its features that users expected from the new series, released a video. But unexpectedly, in this video, a device is used that is very similar to the black version of the Surface Book. However, Microsoft has not yet introduced a Surface Book with 4K resolution and black color for sale, and only the silver color is available. Is; But as seen in the video, this laptop has a 13.5-inch screen resolution of 2000 x 3000 pixels. Apart from the color, this device looks very similar to the Surface Book in every way, including the support of the monitor hinge and the location of the secure monitor separation button.

All types of Surface Book are currently equipped with processors from two generations ago, and it seems strange that Intel would use old devices to introduce its new product.

But the question that arises is why Intel showed its new product before Microsoft. Microsoft organizes a flamboyant conference every time it introduces its products, and it seems a little strange to give Intel the opportunity to make such a show. Another important point is that Microsoft introduced a newer version of the Surface Pen in 3 colors, blue, platinum and red; Although the fourth color, black, is not compatible with any of the surfaces, it looks very beautiful with the black Surface Book.

Many questions have formed in our minds. This is not the first time we have hoped for a black Surface Book. Of course, it’s possible that Intel used the digital model of the Surface Book merely as a symbol of a Windows device in the video, not to imply that such a device is in production with Intel’s 8-series processors.

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